Web Wednesday: Move over, Manolo

One of the biggest trends that I have seen on the web is the availability of customization on practically everything. In the last Web Wednesday, for example, you could upload and send unique sets of postcards. Threadless encourages designers to upload unique images and the community votes on ones that are made into t-shirts. Zazzle lets you design mugs, shirts, whatever you want. It seems like almost everywhere you look, there is a chance to put your own spin on things.


For the shoe fanatics out there who swear by the comfort and worth of top designers like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin - now you can really get a one-of-a-kind shoe made just for you...because YOU design it! With the Shoes of Prey customized shoe designer, you can chose the basic shape, embellishments, fabric and more of shoes made just for you. Take heed though, these puppies don't come cheap. There is a price for customization and comfort: shoes cost $180 for ballet flats; $230 for 1½ to 3½ inch heels and $280 for 4 to 4½ inch heels.

Of course, if you're going to already shell out $500 for a name brand, why not make it your own name brand? There is no longer the need to hunt for the perfect shoe that is missing from your closet. Just make it! Nervous that they won't fit? Don't worry, the site says you can return for a full refund or exchange the shoes.

These shoes definitely look made for walking. Curious - has anybody out there tried this, or will try to make their own? I'd love to hear your experiences!

The Internet is a big place. There are so many sites to read, widgets to play with, and viral videos to watch. In the midst of all the trending topics and links being sent around, sometimes there are those little tidbits on the Internet that go unnoticed. Have something to share? Drop me a line at Shay@cutegeek.com!