New chick on the block

Hi everyone!

My name is Daron and I'm new in town, so I wanted to introduce myself and tell you some of the things you can expect from my posts.

Like Radiris, I'm a 2007 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. I studied Chemical & Biomedical engineering with a little of this and a little of that in between. I grew up in Philly and now live with my 2 cats (altho I'm MUCH more a dog person!) outside of the city, with part-time weekend residence in NYC. I am just making the transition from engineer to project manager in the medical device you cant actually buy any of the products I have helped design, but if you ever find yourself on an operating table? They are the best!

I'm big into working out and really getting into cycling - just got a road bike for Xmas and am LOVING spin class. I scuba dive, sky dive, watch lots of movies and read lots of books (maybe a NOOK to review in the future???). I'm just getting into photography (so watch out for my thoughts on cameras!) and LOOOOVE to eat (esp Indian, Ethiopian, Thai & Italian...oh yeah and Dim Sum!)


I obsessively check my email on my cell, Facebook stalk and look things up on IMDB or Wikipedia. I'm a little bit of a know-it-all...but aren't we all, really?

I cant live without my cell phone and an iPod. My iPod touch and GPS were stolen out of my car the week of Christmas :( and I have yet to replace them. My cell is also outdated, so look for lots of posts about my deliberation over my phone. My HP Pavilion dv2047 has been put through the grinder and I'll prob be replacing that soon too (HP wanna help a girl out??).

I love medicine and science, so look out for posts on some of the breakthroughs in the medical community. I have a BlueAnt headset coming soon, so I'm excited to let you all know how it goes.

I am excited to be here at CuteGeek and want to help fill the void in YOUR geek-dom, so if there's something that you'd like to see: a column, answers to questions, ANYTHING send a message my way: I'm looking forward to hearing from you!