Web Wednesday: Rent the Runway

I admit, I heard about this site before from the amazing blogger of NOTCOT, but I was shocked when a lot of my friends had no idea what it was. If you're a budget conscious fashionista - here is how to get your fix of some of the latest and hottest couture dresses for a fraction of the cost.

Rent the Runway is a membership site where you can access designer dresses rent them ahead of time for special occasions, and some of them rent for as little as $50 to $200, depending on the designer and retail price.  And, you get to keep the dress for 4 or 8 days. If you need some ideas on the perfect gown, the Web site also has an organizer that helps you filter things by holiday, work event, birthday, and more.

If you're inbetween sizes, as most women usually are when it comes to trying on dresses, you can rent two...as the site says, "just in case."

I know this was a much needed discovery for me, especially when I had to attend SEVEN weddings last year.  Cost of membership?  Free.  Think of it as a fancy Netflix for Fashion.

What do you guys think?  If you've tried out, did you like it?

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