Favorite Website of the Week: CreditKarma.com

Living the advertised life comes with a high price in the US. We see nice things & we want nice things. We get nice things & then we want more nice things. Many of us live within our means, but too many of us don't know what that means. CreditKarma.com is here to help - not to make you change your style of living or anything, but to help you keep track of your credit score and finances. There are many tools to help you accordingly plan your financial goals through calculators, credit simulators and also special offers from credit cards.

I visit this site at least on a monthly basis to find out how my 'score' is doing.

Although it is a weighted average of your score, and while the site does not require the extensive background check that other websites may ask of you, I guarantee it. There is nothing to lose and a piece of mind and an improved credit score to gain.