Favorite Website of the Week: ShopItToMe.com - Your Own (Virtual) Personal Shopper

Many of us have multiple email addresses - one we use to sign up for random stuff we really have no interest in, one we use for our resume, an AOL or Hotmail one from the 90's and then there's the one we actually like looking at - on a daily basis.


ShopItToMe.com is a website that allows you to pick the brands you like (they have top brands), the items you're interested in, a specific sex, the price range & the frequency of the notifications.
Imagine waking up in the morning to a cup of cold orange juice, strawberry banana cinnamon pancakes and some sales - Hello!! Sounds like a dream come true.

You can also sign up to simple receive 'Shop It To Me Running' for the avid worker-outers (yes, I made that up) - "Get the heads up when retailers put your favorite running shoe models, running clothing and gear on sale in your size! Plus it's FREE!

Try it - you can also refer your friends and get a $10 credit :) What are friends for? They can be your virtual shopping buddies - so start hooking each other up!

*Signing up also allows you to receive free shipping from some sites, and they also include special codes to use to obtain higher discounts...