Review: The Motorola Endeavor HX1

HX1_Gray_r3qtrMotorola recently sent me a sample of the Motorola Endeavor HX1 bluetooth headset to test out. I have never been one of "those" people that walk around all day with their bluetooth in their ears regardless if they are on the phone or not.  I secretly believe these people either think they are (A) important or (B) cool.  Let me just inform you that if you are indeed that person you are neither. UNLESS you have a Motorola Endeavor HX1 that is.

That's right I have now become that annoying person in the line at the grocery store or that person eating alone but chatting on the phone with her little headset in. I do however take it off when I am not on the phone.  I may be a tech geek but I do draw the line when it comes to fashion.

What is the Endeavor  beside a really cool name and bluetooth headset? First off it has Crystal Talk which cancels out everyday noise. How many times is your blue tooth cutting out or not loud enough for you to carry a conversation.  If this is you my friend you will be VERY impressed with the Endeavor. At first I thought the whole in ear headset was a bit intrusive (we all know my small ear canal issue after my AKG ear buds review) however after using it I disagree with myself (is that possible?) because it makes for a crystal clear conversation.

I have used it in the car with my windows down, on the BART, walking the dog (not the dance move), while cleaning and cooking the condo.  The sound quality and noise cancelation are AMAZING! Be still my heart Motorola you have made a product I hope I never end up breaking.  Another cool feature is that it can hook up to numerous devices at once with the EasyPair function. When I was pairing the Motorola Rival and My IPAQ together with the Endeavor  I got a voice prompt in my ear saying:

"Connected to Phone one..."

"Connected to Phone two..."

"Battery life high..."


Damn I thought to myself...this little guy is so smart! Immediately I went around trying to find other things to hook it up to (yes I know I am a huge nerd). Secondly I wondered can get Snoop Dogg's voice on it instead!

The Endeavor  is by far my favorite toy to bust out and brag about at social gatherings (in total geek fashion). Frankly its so small that every time I use it people do not realize I am on the phone. Remember in Zoolander the itty bity phone Ben Stiller used? I swear the Endeavor is smaller and cooler plus well powered with 7 hours of battery life. Below are the specs and though the price point is a bit high I think its worth the purchase especially for those that commute to work and want to be on the phone as well.

 Motorola Endeavor HX1
Talk Time Up to 7 hours2
Standby Time Up to 240 hours2
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth V.2.1 w/EDR
Weight 13g
Dimensions L(1.85in) x W(0.71in) x H(0.47in)
  • Audio: Superior performance with the stealth mode which activates true bone conduction technology and CrystalTalk™ dual mic noise cancellation  
  • Usability: Voice prompts with advanced Multipoint, EasyPair™
  • Design: Unique “activation button” for the stealth mode
  • Ergonomics: New ear interface with sensor

 Motorola Endeavor HX1  is available at the Moto store for 159.99 and Sprint  for $129.99.  Also a lovely tid bit about this device; the technology is actually used by miltary forces.  Bravo Motorola!