AEE 2010: The Sunny Tickler

Yes - it's a bit out there and some may be surprised that I am showing this (and I was a bit hesitant) but the time has arrived for empowered women to admit that yes - we have needs. We have needs and they often go ignored because of society's 'norm' or expectations. One day we will all be okay with saying 'vagina' without shrieking, and we'll also be okay with admitting that there is a world out there of sexual gadgets. While this site will not review sexual gadgets, we will exhibit some of the things that we saw at the AEE. I apologize in advance if anyone feels uncomfortable, or offended from this video and some of the future posts. I do not apologize for showing the content though. Enjoy and please feel free to send me feedback, through email (, if you feel the need.

Meet the Sunny Tickler: