Review:Beatles Rockband- The BEST family game!!!

The great people at Harmonix and MTV games recently sent me the Beatles Rockband game (instruments sold separately) to test out (THANKS GUYS!!) for my CES/Holidays round up of products to review.  When I first found out that they were sending me Beatles Rockband I was overjoyed and jumping around my condo like a kid in a candy store.  


 I played it twice at E3 but frankly I wanted to play all the songs and see how I would progress in the game as I became better. I kept wondering what cool things could I unlock with my mad Rockband skills.  I also recently hooked up my microphone stand next to my drums (Phil Colins style) so I could sing and play.  One would think I am taking Beatles Rockband to another level by doing this but actually I saw on the Beatles Rockband Stage at E3 and have been dying to get to a level where I could sing and play at the same time. 

This game is truly for all ages especially those who love the Beatles (which I do) and believe it can be a great bonding experience between grandparents, parents and kids. If your into Rockband like I obviously am it’s the perfect gift. I actually have visions of parents waiting till their kids are asleep to play the game themselves; like my parents did.

The introduction to the game was phenomenal and quite a visual trip! At first we did a couple rounds of the quick play as our typical Rockband band. The neat thing about this game is that you can harmonize with up to 3 singers, play 2 different guitars (bass and electric), and of course the drums. This gave this game a whole new aspect; more challenging and engaging more people to participate in the game all at once. See the screen shot below of what it would look like if you played the game.



We had some friends over fo my pal Mel's birthday and we all had a chance to play Beatles Rockband as a real band (instead of the puny band of just my husband and I).  First we got all the girls together to see how well we could do and show the boys whats up! I have to admit Mel, Lauren, Colleen and I rocked it and all had a chance to try different instruments. Check us out!

Nina on drums, Mel on guitar, Lauren and Colleen on the mic!



We then let the boys join; I guess that is fair right? Everyone had a blast; I have to be honest Rockband can get old at parties but not the Beatles! One of my guy pals, Jeff, decided to really play the game instead of quick play and went through the "story" portion. What was neat about that portion is if you do well you win video clips and photo's of the Beatles. That made me a tad fanatical and had to play all the chapters of the story which sadly meant I had completed the game. For those that make it to the end of the game there is a nice surprise that I will not spoil; just realize you have to go through all the ending credits (and there is allot)!


So gather up all your gift cards from the holidays and get Beatles Rockband. This by far is one of my favorite games currently and believe its definately a 5 star experience...if only I had the special drum set.  Stay tuned for a seperate post of all our youtubes of playing Beatles Rockband (be warned there is hours and hours of videos).