Review: Motorola Rival Purple A455

A455_purple_FrontOpen_msge_lit_VZW[1]I got notice from Motorola that they would be sending me a new Motorola Rival A455 purple phone to test out (and give back after two weeks).  Once I heard that I would be getting this phone, I went to Verizon to see what goodies would be delivered to me in a matter of days.  My initial thoughts were that the silver and black Motorola Rival A455 phone was a tad manly, and curious on how I would adapt to the keyboard (only b/c I am use to mine). Once I received the Motorola Rival A455 in the mail I noticed I received the cool purple color and I have to admit, I am a huge fan of color personalization.

First I had to locate the power and this is when I fall on the sword for being an idiot. It took me a while to realize what button to turn it on with (my IPAQ 910 has its own power switch). I literally pressed every button and almost had to bust out the instruction manual (what kind of tech geek am I?). See my dorky unboxing here!

Once I turned it on it was smooth sailing. A few features I already noticed about the phone were that when you slide it closed from the keyboard the screen locks automatically. My phone locks after 5mins, and frankly I do not know how many times my purse has called someone or even when it’s locked the buttons still make noise.  One day I was walking to the elevator and I had this annoying beeping following me; go figure it was my IPAQ 910.

Moto front

Another feature is even though it’s a slider phone, the screen is also a touch screen and it’s not like your typically touch as the screen feels like glass; not gooey like my current phone.  What I also love about the Motorola Rival A455 is the backlit QWERTY keyboard which turned different colors when switched from numbers to letters.

First thing I tested was texting; figuring out what the ease of use was. Like most smart phones you can send a normal text, IMs, video text, and voice text. I also tried the voice texting to check the quality; though the feature is great the sound quality was OK. Ease of use check! I believe this phone is easy for teenagers as well as those just branching into the world of texting, tweeting and emailing.

Next I tested the recording option with the 2MP camera. My great pal Stefanie invited me to a Paramore concert (I have to admit I did not know who they were at first) so I took some video's of me getting ready and our walking adventure to the music venue! I then sent them to my husband to test out the feature.  I have to be honest I got mixed reviews; he said they were OK and that they were too shakey (which I am pretty sure its because my hands are a tad shakey). The sound however was amazing and crystal clear plus the cool thing about the video's is you can also stream them.

Next on my phone journey with the Motorola Rival A455 was the Media center which includes Music and tones, Pictures and videos, Games, Mobile Web, Browse and Download, and Extras as option for you to choose from. I tried the music first and it already had 3 downloaded songs; I loved it and again thought the sound quality was amazing. The phone's music player can also connect to V Cast from Rhapsody so you can download content plus you can use 3.5mm earbuds/ headset with it. 

See me with the Motorola Rival A455 and my JBL reference 250 headset that also has a mic that can switch in between music and phone.


I had already checked out my videos so I moved on to games and to my extreme surprise it had Pac Man on it. I was overjoyed and spent an hour trying to get to next levels. Each time I would get killed the phone vibrated.  I am not sure why that was so fun for me but it was!  I am not 100% sure if each phone comes with the game but if it doesn't get it!

After a couple days I received a Motorola Bluetooth Endeavor HX1 and paired it with the Motorola Rival A455 with no problems; in fact it was very simple to do. Stay tuned for my review on the Motorola Bluetooth Endeavor Hx1.

I think the Motorola Rival A455 is a great phone for those serious texters (you know who you are!) and not a bad value at 79.99 from the Verizon store.  Below are the tech specs for all you cutegeeks! Enjoy!

Motorola Rival™ A455
Talk and Standby Time Up to 320 min./510 hrs2
Bands/Modes CDMA 800/1900, CDMA 1X/EV-DO Release 0
Weight 4.4 oz
Dimensions 20. x 3.8 x .71 inches
Browser WAP
Battery 940.00 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth +EDR3, 3.5mm, USB 2.0 FS
Display 2.2” 176x220 65K
Messaging MMS,  SMS , EMS, IM, Email, WAP browser1
Audio AAC,  AAC+,  AAC+ Enhanced, MIDI,  MP3,  WMA
Video Capture/Playback/Streaming1, H.263, H.264, MPEG4,  WMV
Camera 2 megapixel, 7x Digital Zoom, Fixed Focus
Memory 130MB end user; up to 8GB expandable
Form Factor QWERTY Slider
Navigation GPS/VZ Navigator1