Speck Portpack, a Messenger with Style

Men and women of this generation are travelers. No matter if you drive 10 minutes or take the subway an hour to work or fly across the country weekly, I bet you have a certain set of gear that you need to transport with you on a routine basis that you can't carry in your hands, or a shopping bag. And the nature of our technology--the portable laptops, power cords, hard drives, adapters, headsets---coupled with our traveling bodies, necessitates for practical solutions which serve to transport all of our junk from place to place, in order for us to make ends meet. Now, while there is never a shortage of junk on the market that will allow us the means by which to do this, transport all of our wares, there is a severe shortage of stylin' options. Ladies, can I get a "hell yea?"

Enter Speck-- the same company which has an extensive line of cute but practical smart phone cases also has a line of cute but practical carrying bags. During an email conversation wherein a Speck representative asked me if I were interested in checking out their line of notebook shoulder bags, called the "Portpack," I happily agreed because, I, ladies and gents, am the victim of BUSINESS BAG-itis. What I want in a bag-- form, function, and fierce style! What I get, usually-- big, bulky, monstrosities. My current work bag:

Swiss Gear: ridiculously functional, superbly un-cute

Why is it such a (fully functional, durable, sturdy, superbly practical) horror?

I am one of the people who travels to work cross-country, boarding the same plane with the same business travelers and sometimes even the same crew, every Sunday and Thursday. It gets old. But you know what's older? The airport hauling, bag checking, laptop-in-the-bin, craziness of the travel grind. I need a bag that holds my 14 inch Thinkpad snugly and securely, but which is also business friendly (can't be polka dotted or made of velour, let's say). This is a challenge, however, because my machine suffers from a massive rear-end. (You know those extended battery packs all good business travelers have? Well, my machine came with that battery pack attached. And it's never coming off, baby. ('Cause I don't have a replacement)). So no cute bags for me? Probably.

I wanted to check out the Portpack out because I wanted to live the dream of having it all-- a functional work bag that's cute too! I wanted to look like this girl, except with no skin showing and dressed in business casual attire!

Did it work? Well, my impressions of the bag that arrived were that it's superbly lightweight and made of a durable material. The blue velvety goodness of the inner pocket that snugly holds a laptop is something I want to sleep in. All the pockets and various cut outs are made for functionality, but uphold the principles of cuteness. However. This monster?

Not fitting inside for a million dollars. My business pack-sack solution is not solved yet.

But wait, there's more.

I do have a life outside of my job. And in that life, "I'm a Mac."  And presto change-o, check this out!


Macbook not included...

Alas, my friends, I will still be the hunchback with the Swiss gear mound on her back, transporting all of her crap coast to coast in a sturdy, durable, ugly bag.

However, on the weekends, when I'm free to be just me, I will be airily skipping about Silicon Valley with my Macbook in the Portpack, because I like the way the Portpack snugly hugs my computer but also has room for my peripherals, wallet, keys, and lipgloss! Portpack win-- I may even bare some skin, like the girl in their promos! (Photos not forthcoming.)


If you are or know a girl (or boy) who is in need of a laptop bag that is developed both in form and in function, check out the Portpack collection at Speck. For $80, it's a bit pricey, but definitely comparable in the laptop bag category. And since they come in some super cute patterns, its definitely a solid holiday gift player.

*Note: Speck did not compensate me in any way for writing this post. I do, however, get to keep the test unit.