Review: The Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server

As all you cutegeek fans know we are giving away this cool product named the Olive Opus 4 Hi-FI Music Server.  I received a Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server eval unit so I could let you all know what you may have a chance to win. See my youtube unboxing here.   The set up for the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server was pretty simple; plug in AC adaptor, connect your speakers and screw in antenna for wireless connection.  As soon as I turned it on I played with the touch screen. I just love touch screens and think every product should have one!  I also loved that the color LCD touch screen was just large enough (4.3" wide aspect ratio and 480 x 272 pixels) to navigate through all the functions (plus I am blind as a bat so it was a nice display).IMG_1637

Once powered up and you set up your wireless connection you have 4 options to choose from: Music Library, Music Sources, Internet Radio, and Settings (besides inserting a CD and listening to it directly).   Automatically I had access to several internetstations. Unfortunately I have a slow wireless connection in my condo (internet service shall remain nameless for I do not want it to get worse, LOL) so I was not able to get ALL the channels.  However, it was a great selection of channels especially my fav...hip hop (Def Jams was my favorite channel to date)! 

I then tested out connecting to several PCs in my home wirelessly and was able to access all of them.  It was nice to access music from the different technology devices in my condo using The Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server. Next I inserted a CD and once it was inserted the CD's artist and album name appeared on the screen (John Legend because he is awesome) along with playing and importing options. I chose to import the CD to see how long it took and how it worked. With a quick click my CD started to import and also had a cool import status option so you can see how long it will take. See picture below.


After importing the CD was complete I had to test it out (also a great reason to play my man John Legend extra loud). It was pretty simple from the main screen you just select music library and the album you want to listen to and SHAZZAM the music began. The sound quality was amazing; they weren't joking about comparing it to Hi Fi sound.

If I had more time to play with this server I would have a dowload party to test out how many of my CD's I could store on the hard drive. However that may have taken months for me!  All in all the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server is a neat product and I am excited one of our fans will win it! Don't forget to apply for the contest so you too can win this cool product! Below is a list from the Olive website of the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server Specs. Enjoy fans and good luck with the contest!

Custom-built in the USA
  • The Olive 4 Hi-Fi Server is designed and custom-built in San Francisco, expressing the innovative energy of the Silicon Valley and the music passion of the Bay Area. Each Olive 4 is built to order, guaranteeing you the latest in technology at the best price possible. And it gives us the opportunity to quickly respond to the many special requests that our customers have. After all, each Olive 4 becomes as unique as your taste in music.
State of the art technology platform & high-speed processor.
  • Ample processing power for multi-tasking
  • Simultaneous recording of and listening to CDs
  • Flawless encoding and decoding of lossless audio format
  • Fast management and access to extensive music libraries
Color LCD 4.3" wide aspect ratio, high resolution touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels)
  • Superior color and image quality
  • See more of your music information and browse by album artwork
  • Color-coded touchscreen navigation lets you find your music fast
Hard Drive Ultra-quiet 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB drives, cushioned in 8 layers of noise cancelling padding.
  • Holds almost 6,000 CDs in original CD sound quality
Design Energy-efficient design and heavy-gauge, heat dissipating aluminum enclosure.
  • Passive cooling without noisy fan
  • Ultra-quiet operations. Be the only one whistling to your music.
CD mechanism Panasonic CD-R/RW
  • High fidelity CD audio playback
Networking Wired Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fast bandwidth for seamless multi-room audio streaming
  Wireless 54 Mbit/s (802.11g)
  Encryption WEP + WPA, 64- and 128-bit
  • Ultimate security
Audio Outputs Analog 1x RCA
  • Wide variety of high-quality audio outputs to connect to your stereo system
  Digital 1x digital output S/P DIF optical Toslink, 1x digital output S/P DIF coaxial cinch
Audio Formats WAV, FLAC, MP3 (128 and 320 kbit/s), AAC (128 kbit/s).
  • Bit rate: 16bits, 20bit, 24bits, Sampling Frequency: 10kHz up to 96kHz (Playback above 16bit only through digital outputs.)
Other Ports 1x USB 1.1/2.0
  • Backup your music library to an external hard drive
Color Silver or Black
  • Fits perfectly into your stereo system
Measurements Width 17.13" Height 3.35" Depth 11.42" Weight 13.2 lb  
Box also includes  
  • 1x user manual, Olive remote control w/ battery, WiFi-antenna, CD with recovery software and power cord