NYC's WIRED Store is now OPEN!!!

On Friday, November 20, I went to WIRED’s media preview day and fell in love as I saw their magazine come to life. WIRED has opened up their 5th annual holiday store in the heart of NYC and they’ve somehow merged the world of geeky technology with the wonderful world of shopping.

NYC’s WIRED store has opened for the 5th year and is a geek’s ideal museum – sort of.


I mean, if someone asked you what your one WIRED wish could be – what would you say?


Would it be for the world to go green?


Or to always be the recipient of some awesome undergarments? Woohoo!


Instead of a wine bar in your home, would you rather have a demo bar?


Are waterproof sneakers on your wishlist this year?


Or are you interested in high design items this holiday season?


Would typing on this remind you of Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard?


If someone called you an intellectual slacker – would you feel offended?


Is that not the cutest robot ever?


Do you want a subscription to WIRED magazine?


Are you an early rider, or a late adopter?


Do you need a different set of lens to capture life?


Would you allow your home to reek of a social networking addict?

Probably not, but if you were planning to, now you at least know what it could match with.

The WIRED Store is located at 415 West 13th Street between 9th Avenue and Washington Street in Manhattan’s Meatpacking/Highline District. It opened on Saturday, November 21, 2009 and will remain open for 6 weeks, through December 27, 2009. It is open from 10am to 8pm Wednesday through Friday and from 11am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday.

The store sells limited merchandise but most products found in the store can be purchased online, in the store’s designated spot to ‘check out’.

The store this year has surpassed any of their previous years, the sexy Camaro that greets you to the right, and the perfectly placed gadgets make this store feel like a geek’s dream museum, except you can actually buy the cool stuff you see, after playing with it and really checking it out for yourself.

Check it out – this is a MUST!