The Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server Giveaway


It's time for our official fans to win* an amazing stereo product from Olive.  Thanks to Olive we are giving away the Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server for the Thanksgiving season. It is valued at $1,499 and the Olive Opus 4 Digital Hi-Fi Music Server provides ultimate sound quality compared to MP3s PLUS contains storage capacity for up to 1500 CDs (Who has that many CDS?!). The Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server is the perfect product for music lovers or for someone interested in giving their special CuteGeek in their life a great gift for the holidays. 

CuteGeek fans NOW is your chance to win The Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the CuteGeek staff is wondering what our fans are thankful for.

Can you show us?

What are you thankful for?


BE CREATIVE! Let your personality, camera and editing skills take over! We will judge all contestants based on creativity and your tech geek personality. The Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server is a unique product and we will base our decision on the most creative video (& feel free to sprinkle some humor – we appreciate a good laugh!)! The video needs to be at least 20 seconds and no more than 60 seconds. The format should be in either WMV or MOV/ MP4 format.  Email with the video, or a link to it. 

The deadline to submit your video to win the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server is 11/23/09 11:59 PM Eastern. staff will review all submissions and will announce the winner on Thanksgiving Day after dinner.  We will announce the winner on the website and also on our YouTube Channel– showing the winning video. 

Check out a cheesy demo of my thankful (and geeky) rendition here.

Let the games (or contest) begin!

Click here for the un-boxing of the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server on CuteGeek’s YouTube Channel!  Below is a little more product information on the Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server.

Are you tired of the hassle and clutter of CDs? The Olive Opus 4 Hi Fi Music Server is designed from fine-grade aluminum and has a hard drive that delivers noiseless performance.  The Olive Opus 4 Hi-Fi Music Server also integrates with computers and existing stereo systems providing an easy way to import music. Its large color display makes it easier for people to find the music they want.

Select By Genre: - Select Music Library, then Genre - Choose a Genre and then continue using the touchscreen until youʼve selected (highlighted) a specific piece of music - Either touch the screen, push the Select button (In the center of the Navigation Buttons) or push the Play button under the CD slot to start playback; Note that the playback screen has different color schemes and music metadata for the different genres - Go ʻfast backʼ to the main menu by holding the back arrow button for 2-3 seconds

Select By Full-Color Album Artwork: - From the Music Library menu, select Album Artwork - Touch the album art to the left or right of the larger album in the center to move forwards or backwards through the albums - Select and start playback of an album by touching it when it is in the center of the screen Find a Specific Artist and Shuffle All Albums: - Select Artist from the Music Library menu; ideally one with multiple albums - When you have the artist name highlighted, push the Play button (under the CD slot) to playback all songs (on all albums) from that artist - Touch the shuffle icon on the touchscreen to play all songs from that artist in random order

Select an Album or Track using Search: - Select Album Name or Tracks from the Music Library menu and then select Search - Using the touchscreen, type in several letters from any album name or track and touch Search; Find your selection in the search results and touch it to play - While the album is playing, push the Select button (center of the Navigation Buttons) to see the pop-up screen which allows you to add the current track to a playlist, rate it or delete it from your library

Record a CD: - While playing any music, insert a CD into the CD slot and touch Import from the pop-up screen; CD will pop out automatically in about 5 minutes – Just keep enjoying your music!

*Contest Guidelines: Please note if you are immediately related to any of the CuteGeek bloggerettes (siblings, parents or spouses) we can not accept your video out of fairness to our audience.  You can only win one product from the site every 6 months, so keep that in mind when signing up for our giveaways.  We also ask for no explicit videos – use your judgment. The winner will be chosen through a CuteGeek group vote and is not solely based on one person’s opinion.

Thanks for your participation & good luck fans!

-Cutegeek Staff