Go Buy Your Own Handheld FLO TV™ Personal Television – it’s AVAILABLE today!

Seems like our fingertips are the most lucky things in this world – don’t ‘cha think? Now there’s yet another gadget just waiting to be touched…FLO TV’s Personal Television…think of a GPS, but instead of directing you to your next destination, this is directing you AWAY from boredom and probably closer to the latest news, sports scores and Adult Swim cartoons.


As someone who watches very little television this appeals to me very much. Sounds ironic right? Well, its really not. I don’t watch television because I’m barely home. I spend a lot of time commuting, and as a New Yorker, even if I’m rushing to do nothing, I have a lot of downtime…I’m really not that busy – I just look it.


This TV could be my brain’s big break. I need breaks throughout the day and who else to provide it than my own personal television, that will let me ‘swipe’ my worries away, from channel to channel...ahh – I’m already starting to feel less stressed.

FLO TV’s personal television is available TODAY for only $249.99 at BestBuy and also Amazon. I say only because the price includes 6 months of service and a wide range of channels. There is probably another channel being added right now and if you’re wondering what’s currently available think of Viacomm and all they own…

Here’s a list of current channels (just keep in mind, that many more will be added): Adult Swim Mobile, CBS Mobile, CNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go and Nickelodeon.


The television is made by HTC, and it measures 3 inches by 4.4 inches by 0.5 inches and weights only 5 ounces and has a built in dock that’ll allow you to watch it from any desk, or lap, or flat area. It provides high quality video – I won’t jump the gun and say its HD, but look at the picture and you make the judgment for yourself – while swiping through channels there was no downtime, or ‘youtube’-like viewing, where the picture would freeze while its buffering it. It’s really live, and feels like a true television experience, although it may remind you of a sexy GPS system.

The battery provides over 5 hours of downtime and the device has easy buttons that’ll show you how much battery life you have available. It allows you to set reminders, while looking at the ‘TV Guide’-like schedule. Parental controls are also configurable on the device.


A question that popped up while looking at the handheld device is “Why would I spend $250 on this, if I can get the same service on my cell phone?” The very attractive staff (thanks James Davenport!) at the event showed us (Mike and I) why. The one difference from the mobile phones is that you can set reminders for shows that you want to watch, but the screen is also significantly bigger. We also know how annoying commercials are to watch – now think about phone calls, text messages and emails to add to those interruptions. Oh yes – thanks, but I’m not interested in all of the extras. The handheld television also looked better than the mobile phone because I like the fact that I wouldn’t have to hold it the whole time that I’m watching it.


If TV were a drug, a lot of people would now be able to get their ‘fix’ from anymore. Thanks mobile television…I may just start watching some again. I swear I will, even if it means I start having meals by myself, so that I can watch live television. I promise. Now if only they would start showing some good news instead of all the bad news going on in the world!

*For those unfamiliar with FLO TV’s services – they are currently available on mobile phones and have also partnered with car dealers to offer a FLO TV Auto Entertainment system…be on the lookout…live TV will be everywhere! FLO TV Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (yes – it’s a big deal – hello!)