Review: AKG's K321 (the earbud saga continues)

As I continued to miss my Roxy JBL earbuds (in a lovely shade of pink) I had the opportunity to test out the AKG K321 earbuds.  Again I am not a fan of silicon ear pads but I had to give them a try just to make sure I was not judging based on one or two experiences. I received the sky blue color in the nice sleek black box and a cool black pouch (with no zippers...YAY!). I hate dealing with putting small devices in cases with zippers (I have shaky hands) so this was a nice bonus.  Nice call AKG! AKG 321 pouchHere are the specifications and they retail for $79.95.

Frequency range (Hz-kHz) 13-22.5
Input impedance (ohms) 16
Sensitivity (dB SPL/V) 121
Color Cloud White or Sky Blue
Headphones weight without cable (g) 4
Max. input power (mW) 19
99.99% oxygen-free cable (length in m) 1,0


I have to admit they look cute on (yes that geek in the picture with the thumbs up is me in my lobby).

The sound quality was amazing (the bass was great) and I had to keep them at a lower volume as they cancel noise out well.  However...there will always be a time when us ladies do not mesh well with a product. I truly wanted them to work but...I again (just like my initial review of the AKG K340) had the issue of them staying in my ears.  Are my ears freakishly small?  They are not inexpensive and face it I tend to love things of high quality and personalization (the sky blue is a cute color).  I tried super hard to make these fit but it just got to a point where I literally threw a fit and took them off. Fidgeting to me is just so unattractive and why do I want to deal with adjusting ear buds every block of my daily errands?! Again they fit my husband perfectly fine; which is making me even more annoyed (this is becoming an earbud trend). I think I just need my Roxy/ JBL's back (or ear surgery)!

I tested the AKG K321's dancing to my hip hop, walking Chloe (the cutegeek wonder dog), and at the Bart station (which BTW has been taken over by Windows 7 ads). Each time I had to re-adjust them.  I loved the color, sound quality, and the carrying pouch but now I may have to seek therapy for my small ear canal syndrome. Sigh! The earbud saga continues...