Ustream…I stream…We all should Ustream!!

ustream_logo-youreonIt’s rare now-a-days I stumble upon a website and think that it’s pretty cool. I recently found out about this unique website called and had to check it out.  Ustream is a live interactive video broadcast website that allows anyone with a camera and internet to broadcast to a worldwide audience.  The website was originally started by 2 US Army Officers that wanted to find a way for soldiers to interact live with all their loved ones all at the same time.  In 2006 Ustream was born and an instant hit with public figures and celebrities.  Some of Ustreams users that are in the public eye (to name are few) are Obama, Hilary Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, and many more (not to mention cutegeek)!   I have to admit once I heard about this I was pumped!  My parents, siblings, and in-laws back in Texas have web-cams; what took me so long to find Ustream?  I also realized I HAD to tell my cousin who recently got deployed to Iraq about this! Imagine how awesome that would be for us family members to keep in touch with her while she is over there (till 2011 I might add)!

It takes roughly 2 minutes to set up an account per the website so I tested that out first.  It asks for allot of information and frankly it took me 30 seconds longer as I had no idea on cutegeeks Twitter and Facebook URLs.  As soon as I set our account up I made my way to my dashboard.  Here is what it looks like when you first reach your dashboard.


Immediately I wanted to test "the create a show" option and set it up giving it a name, cutegeek logo, category, content of the broadcast or recording, and tags (we must not forget how important those tags are).  You can then create a design for your show, create off air clips for when you are not broadcasting, stream media, schedule your show and see your shows matrix.  After I set it all up I had our own little cutegeek channel on ustream.  I named our first channel cutegeek review and previewed our channel (in pink for of course).cutegeek channel Here is a screen shot of our channel. from the users perspective.

Now it was time to test out the recording and/broadcasting feature.  I used my Dell XPS 1330 notebook with integrated camera and began to record off air (since I had no followers yet). All you do is hit broadcast now and it directs you to the recording/ broadcasting window.  Readers please note you have to allow ustreamaccess to your camera in order to broadcast; at first I denyed it and realized you have to accept it! In the first video on the cutegeek review channel you will see I am just testing it to see how it looks and works.  All you do is hit record, do your broadcast and then preview it to make sure it look good.  You can also edit it after you are done broadcasting it.

My next mission is to get more followers through our facebook page and twitter. After I entered the information I had to wait a while for it to post to my accounts. I got ancy out of excitement and ended up just posting it myself out of excitement for this new site.

On Ustream you can broadcast live and have your audience interact (even have a co-host); record off air and post, show slide shows, and use your mobile device to view, record, broadcast and send updates to Twitter, Facebook, Ustream and YouTube. Its a pretty cool website and I plan to do a live broadcast of me playing the new Beatles Rockband I just received plus future unboxing of new products.  Check it out cutegeek fans and become followers here!