Review: My Journey with the AKG K340 Earbuds

As you all know after my Roxy/ JBL earbuds saga I asked around for some new ones to test out.  Within 1 day I had 2 new pairs AKG K340 and AKG K321 but they were both the silicon ear pads which I typically do not like.  The first ones I tested out fully were the AKG K340.  The box was a nice sleek black box and once I opened the box they were nicely laid out.  The photos and specifications are listed below. 

Frequency range (Hz-kHz) 11.5-23
Input impedance (ohms) 16
Sensitivity (dB SPL/V) 122
Color Fudge or Liquorice
Headphones weight without cable (g) 3
Max. input power (mW) 20
99.99% oxygen-free cable (length in m) 1,0

IMG_1480AKG 340

I think I am developing a complex with the size of my ear canals because both pair would not stay in.  In order to make sure it was not a user error I took them to appetizers where I was meeting my friend Lauren. When I arrived at the restaurant I asked her to try them on and sure enough she had the same issue. We do look darn cute though with them on!  Annoyed I came home and asked my husband to try them on.  Of course they fit H-I-M.  It was at that point that I decided I either needed to have huge man ears, ears the size of Dumbos, or that BOTH Lauren and my ear canals were smaller then the average bear. 


I am not a quiter and if they fit my husband's ears I was hell bent on figuring out the method to the madness. My first test was walking my dog (not the dance move). Though my dog is only 8lbs she is a hot mess on her walk. She tends to pull the leash at all times, goes up to every dog and every dude that is single. One can say if I was single Chloe would sniff me out a new man in a matter of days (such the curious flirt and I have no idea where she gets that).

ChloeWe ran down 6 flights of stairs and one earbud already popped out. I was starting to realize it was not just the buds but the cord was shorter then I was used to. After that light bulb went off I moved my shuffle closer to my head and shoved the buds in my ear.

At one point I had gotten them right and I was dancing on full blast to my favorite hip hop dance routine; Mario's Break-up (O-o-h! Lovin' you, lovin' you). WHOA!  They were extremely loud and crystal clear; in an effort to save my ear drums I turned it down slightly. These buds were amazing now that they would stay in, about time I got to test them out.  

As you all know I live in the city and walk everywhere. Next test was my daily trip to the grocery store were I typically have several random (or homeless) people approach me for the whole 2 block walk. My earbuds have always saved me from strangers coming up to me asking for money (Do I have a friendly face?! Sheesh!).  Click here to see the youtube of me before my errand running with the AKG 340 earbuds showing them off. 

They finally worked and in fact I had to take them out to talk to the cashier because they cancel noise out even on a very low volume. The ultimate test was the Bart; its our train/public transportation system and a block away from where I live so I use it frequently. The Bart is loud and frankly you have no idea what type of situation or people you will run into.  The earbuds did block the sound out however I was again having an issue with them staying in because it was a rather bumpy ride.  They come with 3 different sizes and I did try them all; either I have small ears (sigh) or these need to be one size smaller.

The AKG 340s earbuds are retailing at $119.95; which if you base it solely on sound, noise cancelation and the volume control I could understand the pricing.  Unfortunately since I had fitting issues I cannot give it a 5 star rating. On to test the next ones...

As a bonus if you want to see my youtube bloopers click here (the bloopers are listed under our quicklist).