Review: Ford’s 2010 Taurus – Limited Edition

This is the biggest toy has ever received to review, or test drive, but boy was it one of the most enjoyable! Thanks Ford! We received the car on Saturday and automatically started ‘road-tripping it up’ – aka we went to IKEA in Brooklyn. The weather was horrible – so horrible, the Yankee game got postponed, so you can only imagine the rivers this poor car had to drive through.

The handle on the car was great, and I automatically felt like I was gliding into something wonderful – okay, maybe not wonderful, but the WestSide Highway is one of the better highways of NYC. Check out the video below if you want to hear my thoughts, instead of read them...
The latest additions to the car were yellow blind spot lights that flash when there is a car near you that you may not be able to see, on the side view mirrors. The dashboard also contains a number of red lights, which light up when you are driving either too fast, or too close to another car. It’s not the best description of it, and I’m sure it sounds like I’m a tailgater (which I sometimes am – but I’m improving I swear!) – but sometimes people stop short, and in that case, the lights would go on and an alarm would go off, almost giving you the wake up call you need, in a situation like that. At first I was scared, but then I was like wow, that’s awesome. It’s definitely an addition that will decrease the number of car accidents from careless drivers, at least I hope so.

The car operates with a keyless entry and if you accidentally leave your keys in your bag, or in your car, with the doors locked you can easily punch in a combination of numbers that are located (& light up) on the driver’s door. Don’t expect the button that Infiniti’s & Nissan’s have for their keyless cars…I should’ve tried it out but I forgot – sorry…


The car was fully loaded and had Ford’s Sync capability so I paired it with my phone and used it, instead of my earpiece. The functionality works fine and it sounds very clear but if you’ve watched Charlie’s Angles, it almost feels as if you’re talking to this ‘higher being’ that’s coming out of every speaker in your car. I used it, but I’m not a fan, especially if you’re driving with tons of people because all the fun (aka the music) comes to a halt when the phone rings and you pick it up. Then everyone in the car suffers from having to listen to a conversation that probably doesn’t have anything to do with them. It works though – so kudos Ford!


The navigation system is really easy to use and I loved the fact that you could customize and add different legs to a trip with the simple clicks on the screen. The one thing I couldn’t quite figure out was how to change the direction the driving was happening on the screen because it was confusing the heck out of me, as I watched the car on the screen drive down, as I was driving forward. Besides that, the navigation works very well, and quickly. I don’t remember having to wait for it to find an address or to calculate the best route – it was very, very quick.

Another other cool feature was a lever next to the steering wheel. Actually, it was more of a button that allowed you to adjust the pedals…I was blown away by this tiny button, only because there are times where shoes can make the driving experience a little less pleasant, and that’s when the oh-so-powerful croc flips come out and into the picture. Adjusting the pedals would accommodate different shoe sizes and heels so I thought that was a neat feature.


The car isn’t the most economical out there because I was averaging about 21 mpg (I had a brain fart during the video), but considering the amount of power you’re getting, and the sexy beast you’ll be driving it’s actually pretty good.

The car was large – definitely a full-size or better in the renting world, but it was still easy to drive. I didn’t feel like I was in a boat, although there was a lot of leg room in the front and back seats. The trunk space was gigantic and after a while I just thought damn, this car is freaking huge. It reminded me of when Chrysler first exhibited their 300 – which had the largest trunk space I had ever seen (I was in middle school though and my eyes have seen a lot more since).

Looking at the car, and driving it, I got the feel of Infiniti’s G35 or Honda’s Accord – you know, that nice sleek look, but when I looked at it more closely, because of its size and the hood of the car, I thought it looked a lot like Chrysler’s Sebring. Michael (from thought the car looked like Lincoln’s MKS or MKS but I’m not quite sure. One of the things that struck me as great was how tall I felt in the car. As a 5’8 sized woman, the last thing I want, especially when wearing tall heels is to feel like I am crawling into my car, and the Taurus, despite only being a full sized sedan, definitely placed me on a pedestal – at least that’s what it felt like. Can a princess dream a bit?? The fact that I was looking into most cars, and not up to them, made me feel like I was in super safe car.


All I know is that the car was very sexy, inside and out, had an amazing steering wheel (I'm not sure why I was as excited as I was - but I was). Ford did a nice job with making the steering wheel more comfortable to use, using both leather and I'm not sure what the other material is, to make a really nice sleek wheel.

The space inside proves it could accommodate many adults and their little mini-me’s, and the trunk space showed me it would be great to go on a trip with.

Ford is stepping their game up – I honestly had no idea how the Taurus was going to be, but I am impressed. I didn’t know the car was that cool – but some of my neighbors did. I heard them talk about the new Taurus so yes, I did feel a little cooler, even if I only drove the car around for a couple of days…

Check out Ford’s 2010 Taurus – take it out on a test drive, it’s worth it and starts at $25,170 (starting MSRP).

It may actually even turn out to be the 'Fastest on Race Day', instead of the usual 'Fix Or Repair Daily' car...haha - I couldn't resist!


(I may not know the most about cars, but I do know one thing – I’m not alone. If you need car advice check out