A Night At The Museum With HP!

I’ve been asked why I give so many kudos to HP about their stuff and one of the main reasons is because they actually go out of their way, and are extremely flexible about showing you the ‘ins and the outs’ of all of their products. They’re really great people to work with (& hang out with - check out the pic below).

SCAN0003 (HP Superstars, Mike (from HardwareGeeks.com) & Myself)
Last week, they celebrated the launch of many, many, many products, along with Windows 7 at the Museum of Natural History in New Your City. It was a beautiful event, that took place in the African room, so imagine being in the middle of a room of wild animals, with the hottest, latest technologies to have hit the industry – oh wait, with impeccable foods that made you forget about calories or working out…yes, that was my Wednesday night, aka almost in heaven.

SCAN0004 (I found a new love interest...)

Impressive items on their product list are always expected but this time around I found so many different uses for their innovations that I have to spend some time on each.

Keep checking CuteGeek.com to read some of their products – more info. to come soon.