No more naked iPhones

Last week I got an email inviting me to test run a newly redesigned hard shell See-Thru iPhone case from Speck. While I know that some folks (like my boyfriend) are iPhone purists, and can't stand the thought of putting a case on their beautiful babies which takes away from the essence of these babies' beauty, I support protective coverings for my iPhone wholeheartedly.

When I first got my 3G, I was a little bit like those loonies who don't want a case in order to preserve the mouth-breathing "WOW" factor, but I didn't want it to get all scratched up in my purse, so I got the next best thing-- an iPhone sock, which worked well for what I needed but got kind of grimy and lost its elasticity after a bit, so I had to launder it (and lather rinse repeat.) Also it just wasn't that cute, so after I dropped my iPhone once straight on the floor with no sock on it, I decided enough was enough and I got an Incase rubberized flexible shell. I paid $20 for it in the Apple store, and it was pink. The thing I loved about it immediately was its traction-- you could put your phone down on a plane thats angled, like, 45 degrees, and it wouldn't budge! In fact, I used that "feature" of the case often, as I take my phone with me to work out so I can listen to and watch podcasts from the "iPod part" of my phone as it is sitting nicely on whatever plane of exercise machine is in front of me.

The Incase pink rubbery case I used before the Speck.

What I did NOT like at all about my Incase cover was how grossly grimy it got! The dirt from my hands and purse, and basically anything I set it on, felt like it coated the case and got etched in the grooves (which were part of the design) and the pink color of it dulled slowly. Anytime I put it in a coat pocket or a jeans pocket and took it back out, the case would be covered in lint, which was super hard to rub off. It was getting kind of annoying.

The Speck case

The email from the Speck representative couldn't have come at a better time for me-- I was grossed out by my case and looking for something cooler. I was skeptical about this review unit being a hard case, because I think some of the hard cases on the market are kind of kitschy and DO take away from the glam that is the Jesus phone.

But when I got the case, and put it on, I loved it!

It came in blue, which I probably wouldn't have picked out myself, but was a surprisingly attractive hue once combined with the actual black iPhone inside. It also came with a plastic sheet, which is supposed to be the protective overlay for the screen, which I applied and did not like at all. My boyfriend thought I didn't like it because I couldn't apply it correctly (bubbles, y'all?) but I could! The application of the sticky overlay wasn't difficult, I just didn't like it because once it was on my phone, it obsructed the clarity of the screen, to my view. It looked almost like (bear with me here) an infinitely fine clear grid had been overlaid on my screen, almost like a super thin cheesecloth. You could see everything ok, just like you always had, but the teeny tiny gridlike pattern of that clear overlay was distracting enough, so I peeled it right off and threw it away (its pretty much useless once you attempt to apply it once-- it gets fingerprints and fibers on the sticky side, so it would be hard to reuse, unless you like fingerprints and fibers on your protective overlay.)

See that clear plastic sheet?

My phone, once encased in the hard shell, looked super cute! I'm not going to drop it on the floor just to "test" how well the protective aspect of the case works, I will just have to have faith. I like how it's low profile, how the edges of the opening don't cover up the iPhones silver lining (like my old pink Incase did) and I like how you can see the Apple logo on the backside of the phone.

Label whore.

I don't think I will be reapplying my pink rubbery mess of an Incase case back onto my phone unless, for some reason, this Speck case cracks or breaks. I will miss the traction of the surface of the pink case though, as the hard shell of the Speck is smooth and will not, under any circumstances, remain stationary in the instance of movement or elevation. But hey, that's what the case is for, right? To protect it from those spills that happen when there's surprise motion and elevation? Mission accomplished, then.

Pretty, right?

The case retails for $29.95 which is pretty steep for an accessory, but its brand new, so we might see the price drop after some time, especially for the holidays? Ultimately, though, when you have a $300-400 baby nestled in your purse that you want to keep happy and healthy (at least for the length of your two year contract) $30 doesn't seem like too much money to drop, especially after your phone makes a horrifying sound when you drop it on the floor...and it didn't break!

[Note: While I did not and will not receive any payment for reviewing this product, it is mine to keep, courtesy of  Speck products.]