New Ear Buds On the Way

One night I was up late practicing my hip hop dance skills with my Roxy/ JBL earbuds (more like a goofy attempt to recreate what my dance instructor showed me the day before) and all the sudden one side of the earbuds went out.  At first I thought; "oh no after several years of listening to music on full blast (plus being in a mosh pit at some major concerts) I have blown one ear drum out."  EEK! In a Zoolander attempt (the sound is IN the earbuds?!)  I took them out and somewhat "tapped"  them a couple times to see if maybe my attempt would in fact make the earbuds work.  I also did the classic reboot of my shuffle and worked with the cable to see if it was a "Nina" error.

It didn't work.  To be fair I did accidentally  immerse the poor ear buds  in "water" a couple months before and they still did work...and for a while I might add.  The night they went out I shuffled (get it?!) for my IPod earbuds and became even more disappointed.  On top of the fact the IPod earbuds are ill fitting (they may be stretching my ears out); I actually have to switch the right and the left to get mediocre noise quality and bass at a decent (not great) level. 

I quit my dance routine that night perturbed and sad.  I loved my Pink Roxy/ JBLs earbuds plus they were the perfect fashion accessory!  I know I am wreck-less but I truly hoped I had saved them...which I didn't.  The bass and sound quality were amazing on them but alas I found a way to break them...damn!  Apparently the fact I am a clumsey does not uphold to technology and neither does immersing technology in "water". 

I am particular with my earbuds. They need to be small, fit comfortably and have superior noise quality (especially great bass).  I am not a huge fan of the silicon ear pads however I am going to test some out again; two times a charm?  They just honestly remind me of getting a wet willy and frankly I was a bully's dream when I was younger (flashbacks of recess come to mind).

I have contacted some industry folks and they are sending me a few new earbuds to test out.  Stay tuned for my review cutegeek fans!  I will find my perfect earbuds!