Review: novero's TheFirstOne Bluetooth Earpiece

The First One… Ring a bell?

The oh-so-(in)famous First One…

Well, where ever your mind is at – take it out of the gutter, TheFirstOne is novero’s new Bluetooth earpiece that makes you want to love tomorrow.

They're not the first in the industry to make superior Bluetooth earpieces but it is the first when it comes to certain things.

It is the first one to come with a handy dandy clip that you can put in your purse, or on your desk.

It is the first one to come with about 9 different ear pieces to ensure you have the ultimate fit.
It is the first one to come with a necklace.

It is the first one to come with multiple chargers (that can be re-used with other gadgets that have a USB port on one side).

Okay Novero – you win. You ARE TheFirstOne.

Quite the catchy name to give a product targeted for women. The packaging is beautiful, and it makes you want to “Love Tomorrow”. When I first saw Novero at an event, I couldn’t help but smile because it just seemed to have this aura of positive energy around it – I kid you not, check it out…I swear I left feeling a bit motivated…

While the price is a bit high (even higher than some top competitors) the accessories it brings justify it. I used the car charger for the earpiece and also for my phones because you plug and play all of its accessories, so I saved $20 on buying a new car charger one. I haven’t removed the earpiece clip from my purse, nor lost the earpiece which is a huge plus. Often times I use my ear piece, throw it in my bag, and don’t see it for a week or two later, when I’m finally at the bottom of it.

The sound quality is great, even while driving on the highway, with the sunroof open, windows down, while going through a toll. I used it in both ears, and actually switched the earpieces up a bit from time to time – I for one, am one, that loves options so I tried all of them to make sure I had the best fit.

The earpiece is white and silver and does not have annoying clip around the ear that’ll mess up your hair or interfere with your glasses.

Pairing the earpiece with your phone was effortless, and probably the easiest I’ve ever done. As soon as I paired it, it would automatically (& very quickly reconnect). I’ve used Motorola and Jawbone earpieces in the past but honestly, pairing with this device was fast and simple.

With the increase of legislation being passed to stop people from talking on their headsets while driving, a product like this would make a great gift to any woman in your life, or anyone that appreciates accessories. Men could definitely use (& enjoy) this product, just realize, it definitely was targeted to us…



Unlike the real first one, all this got was my attention :)

Thanks novero for sending us one to try!