New Super Mario Bros for the Wii (less than a month away!)

The last time I ever felt this excited during the holidays was during Christmas in 1990. I was 5 and the one thing I felt like I’d die without was the gift my mom got me. I had to search high and low for this picture at my mother’s house, but I knew once I found it – you’d understand why I decided to post.

If you look all the way to the left…yea right there…that huge box…that was my Barbie 3 story Dream House. I hope the pic also made you reminsce because those plastic covers on the couches go way back...

Best Christmas Ever!

I haven’t felt this excited for a ‘toy’ in such a long time, that I almost don’t know how to control myself. It’s a different dynamic though because now I don’t need to have someone buy it for me.

Ever since I played the New (& Improved) Super Mario Bros game at e3 in June, I’ve been waiting for this damn 4th quarter to come around, in hopes that it would be released way before Christmas. 2 There is a lot of hype around the New Super Mario Bros because of the fact that it’s back in 2D, has the ability to let 4 people play simultaneously, it’s release date was a mystery (Nov. 15th – is the official date according to my sources) and because of its difficulty!

It’s hard!!!

Although I tried it out, it was really only for less than 5 minutes (if that), so I can’t comment on the levels of difficulty, but I’ve read a couple of articles that actually have me nervous about how hard this game will be. If you want to see what I mean look at what they said here.

It’s going to be so hard, so damn hard, that the computer will actually help you out when you get stuck – can you imagine that?

I’m not sure how easy it’ll be to get accustomed to playing to the new remotes so I made sure to buy myself a classic one this weekend…don’t want to end up with a broken LCD – hell to the no!

The price of the Wii going down is icing on the cake for Super Mario lovers, because unlike many people out there, (before Saturday that is) I still had not purchased a Wii, and because of the ‘sale’ – I did.

Christmas was fun growing up – especially when they are all like the Christmas of 1990.

Although I won’t stay up until midnight this year, in hopes of opening my game, I know have this thing called life to thank. Thanks life for allowing me to grow up and have a job. Yes – I would much rather have someone else buy all this stuff for, but since I can, why the heck not!


This is the crazy madness/prep work for the new game…I’m sooooooo psyched! (& so getting fit!)