Coming Soon: Brilliant Women in Technology

women-150x150Back in January when Mike and I were brainstorming about what this site should entail, we both agreed that it would be beneficial to showcase some of the brilliant women in technology. By showcasing extraordinary women in technology, who are making strides for all of us, we’d be highlighting non-traditional careers women can pursue, while at the same time motivating more females to pursue degrees/careers in technology. The role of women can be debated upon for hours, maybe even weeks without end, across the whole wide world, using all forms of technology but something that we’re seeing, despite cultural differences is that this once called ‘role’ of women is being redefined. This part of the site was in the works for quite some time now, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to incorporate it into our usual reviews so did the trick for us. It’s enlightened us on what we need to do. brought a common issue to light, which are societal and cultural struggles that many of us face. I was emailed an article regarding Latinas and their suicide rates. It’s not a theme that is unique to us, by us, I mean Latinas, but it is a common theme to those that are either 1st generation in the US, or others (even men) that are in not-so-traditional places in their life. The theme is that there is a struggle between what society expects, what their families demand and what they want to do.

Ultimately, we don't know what we don't know. It may seem as if I'm going off on a tangent, because some of you may be wondering how the CNN article relates to women in technology, or - so here's my train of thought:

If we show the world the many roles and jobs brilliant women have, more females will be motivated to pursue what they truly love. We read a lot of bad news, and even in our lives we complain about a lot of things; before always identifying the negative, lets try to find a solution or something to alleviate the issue.

This is our way of helping.

Stay tuned for interviews with Brilliant Women in Technology.