To Tweet, or not to Tweet

Do you Twitter? At this point, with all the hubbub about Twitter all over the news and mainstream media in general, everybody and their mom knows what Twitter is. But do they use it? While there are over 25 million users of the service already, 80% of accounts have fewer than 10 followers which implies that the majority of such users are only followers, and not Twitter "leaders." Couple this with the fact that many folks hop onto Twitter to see what all the fuss is about, don't get into the groove of "leading" a social stream in this manner, and go inactive, and you get the picture. Maybe it's not as wildfire as everybody makes it out to be? I Twitter, for SURE. I love it. I like pulling out my phone when something random happens to me and I want to share it with my friends. I like quick blasting the name of a song I'm listening to or the link to the news story I've just been shocked by or laughed aloud at. I even ask for advice.

So me, I'm on the bandwagon. But I know Radiris, geek though she may be, is NOT! Whattup, Radiris? I'm callin you out.

Do you Twitter? Leave it in the comments.

(And it you do, follow me! I'm Papayamaya.)

PS: Tweet is SO not the accepted term for it anymore, a la here, but I like it anyway! So there.