Oh hai! Maya reporting for duty, usually in LOLspeak.

Greetings! My name is Maya, and I am a super geek.  I'm not sure that you would be able to tell immediately that this is the case-- I look and act normal (...uh, I've been told) and I don't have a CS degree or a technical background. But here it is, in one sentence (with a colon, because I never do things the simple way)-- There are three things I love: my family, my boyfriend, and the interwebz. I consider it pant-worthy when Apple unveils some new ultra-cool device after letting the public speculate themselves into the ground for many months. I consider internet people to be celebrities-- once, Steve Jobs rode past me on a bicycle as I waited to cross the street after lunch in Palo Alto (along with two bodyguards). I nearly got hit by a car whipping my phone out to Twitter about it as fast as I could. My news comes from my favorite podcasts and blog networks. Oh, and Twitter, of course. Television newscasts, you ask? What is this, the 20th century?

One of my favorite things to do is go to the retail stores where new gadgets are sold and play with them. Try before you buy type of deal. Last weekend, I was at Sprint playing with the Pre and inquiring about when the Pixie gets store bound. The week before that, I was fiddling with test videos on the new nano in the Apple Store. I once made an unboxing video when I got a Kindle 2, but didn't want to put it up until I got my own blog more prettified-- the vanity!

I am all about social media, gizmos and gadgetry, and the latest internet memes. I love to write and I could read all day, whether it be on a screen or in a book.  I could probably write you a whole essay in LOLspeak.  And still, there's so much to explore and discover!

So! When I met Radiris at work, the first thing I did after shaking her hand was Google her. And that's when I discovered my long lost twin (or, geek sister, at least...we should start a sorority.) She was a geek too! We speak the same language (when I keep it english, and not internet meme-ish.)

So when she asked me to write for the site,

Are you kidding? Do I even need to finish that sentence?

I just hope I do the blog justice, in the name of lady geeks everywhere. A-men!