Pepcom 2009: Sprint is going for the win – with its upcoming collection of phones and plan changes

Anytime Mobile? Heard of it? If you haven’t and have an unlimited data plan on Sprint’s network, you are now (or will be at the start of your new billing cycle) able to call ANY mobile phone unlimited.






You bet!

You can call anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t extended my Sprint contract, although they’ve been my provider since I was 16, but now I may just have to. Not only because of this added perk, but because of their upcoming phone – the HTC Hero!

disregard the pen marks on my hand, networking with a slow drying marker pen is not the best thing to do...

It’s a morph between the Palm Pre and any older generation of an HTC phone but according to the representative that I met at Pepcom – it’s different. Completely different and she meant it in a ‘it’s-a-very-awesome-phone, just-not-quite-what-you’re-used-to’ kind of way.


It has the same swivel ball as Blackberry’s and it’s user interface reminded me of the Palm Pre, but also had the great touch screen capability like most HTC phones. High resolution, tons of apps but the one thing I’m not sure I can part with is the fact that it does NOT have a QWERTY keyboard.

The phone looks great though, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them (for more than the couple of seconds that the video lasted).

I have yet to own a Palm but Sprint will also bless the world with another one. The Palm Pre will soon have a taller little sibling, called the Palm Pixi. The Pixi will be the stylish one out of the two, with the option to own a case designed by an original artist from California.


I took some pictures to show the coolness. I also asked if the Palm Pre would be so lucky to have something like that for itself, but I received somewhat convincing shrugs that they may or may not come out with cases like that. Cross your fingers Palm Pre owners, iPhones have way too many cool cases out there for the Palm’s to be out left in the cold.


I didn’t ask much about the Pixi but to me it looked like a phone that would be targeted for the teenage population that love to text…that’s just my opinion, but I may be wrong. As soon as I get more information on it, I’ll be sure to post.


Just for the record, I have been a Sprint customer for over 8 years for a couple of reasons. Sprint was recently the topic of conversation and the consensus was that yes, they are one of the best, if not the best, service provider. They work almost everywhere, even in some underground train stations in NYC. As a customer, you usually run into problems when you have to call them. They tend to leave people on hold, or transfer too many times for my liking.

Despite it all, Sprint may be winning this race. I’ve never been an ‘iPhone-r’ and Sprint gave me yet another reason, to hold out on jumping providers. This is a much needed move considering they’ve been bleeding customers and were also highlighted as one of the companies veering towards bankruptcy. Lower your plans and I’m sure you’ll get more and keep the ones you already have – just food for thought Sprint Gods.