Review: Linksys by Cisco Wireless-N Gigabit Router

When I’m interested in trying something new, or even finding a good restaurant I primarily focus on reviews -- reviews written by you and me. The bad thing with reviews is that they’re oftentimes written as soon as they receive a product, and to me, that doesn’t always depict the trueness of how a product is. Sure, the unboxing and setup is sometimes wonderful, but how about the maintenance, and whether or not there’s any. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to Linksys’ Not-So-Easy-To-Setup-But-Oh-So-Wonderful-To-Use-Router aka their N Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N Gigabit Router (Model No.: WRT310N) sent to us by Cisco.


I received this beauty around Memorial Day weekend (I know – it’s been a while) and as quickly as I unboxed it, I tried setting it up.

Let me emphasize the tried in that sentence. I tried, and although the CD allows for pretty nice images to assist in the setting up, and although I matched the cables to the inputs, I failed. Well not me, but my laptop failed to detect the router, or the router failed to detect my computer…I’m not quite sure, but I wasn’t able to set up the router using a cable connection.

I was able to set it up wirelessly though, thanks to Mike from because as soon as I realized I was stuck on the 3rd or 4th step of the set up, I used my phone to tether so that I could IM him on AIM. I asked him to rescue me from having no wireless in my apartment and he gave me the key to success –

Now for all of you that do not know what that is, because I sure didn’t, it’s the universal ip address for setting up a wireless network in your home.

I had to input (it can be a different number, but this is usually a combination that works) in my internet browser and then I was on a screen with tons of options, and Mike led me through everything. I had to set up a couple of passwords and configure the security of certain items, but in less than 10 minutes I had my wireless router up and running.

My old router was a Linksys router as well, but something I noticed in the new one is that my internet doesn’t come in and out, like it did in the past. In the past, my internet would give up on me and go on coffee break, during the most pivotal times in my life, like when I’m uploading a video on – haha.

Wireless networks are not a luxury to many of us anymore because a lot of homes have routers in them, but having a network is one of those things we don’t really think about, until they’re down.

My old router, my really old router, would have to occasionally get disconnected and reset and in the past couple of months that the Ultra RangePlus has been in my room, I haven’t had to do that. Not once.

I spoke to someone at Cisco about the problem I had while setting up the router and they assured me that they were working on making the setup of their routers more hassle free. We’ll see how their next generation of routers are.

Despite the technological hiccup in the beginning, I think this router is great for many reasons; actually, only two – two very important ones. It is aesthetically pleasing, very sheek and slim, lastly because it provides a great signal anywhere in my apartment and never ‘takes coffee breaks’ during the times that I use it.


The router is available everywhere and costs $129.99 if you purchase it directly through Linksys (shipping is free).