Review: Polaroid's Digital Photo Frame 10.2

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but how many feelings do YOU think are attached to them. There aren’t very many people that I’ve dated, yes, I am admitting that, but one thing I absolutely love doing when I meet someone, or when I want to share ‘my world’ with them is show them some of my mother’s photo albums. They are huge, and last time I checked (unless she finally replaced them) were falling apart. It didn’t matter though. The pictures were there, some faded, some stuck to the plastic, but looking at pictures is like going into a spaceship and traveling far out into your past, into a very special place, where you captured that memory.

I am a fan of pictures although I have the memory of an elephant. I remember everything, but sometimes it’s nice to stare at something and go back to that moment in time.

That is why I was extremely psyched to receive Polaroid’s Digital Photo Frame from


Digital picture frames have been out on the market for quite some time now, and surprising enough I have not yet purchased one, or received one for review (I’ve made attempts though – there are just too many options out there for the fickle female that I am). I almost purchased the Samsung one, to match my electronics in my room, but I’m glad I didn’t because Polaroid’s digital frame, by far, is extraordinary and very easy to use for a newbie like me.

The digital frame is 10.2 inches in diameter which is a reasonable size especially when viewing pictures with a lot going on – like those Discovery magazine looking shots – you know what I’m talking about. Its internal memory (512MB) can hold up to 2000 images – of course varying from the size of each, but that’s the approximate number. It’s like viewing your pictures on a high definition television because the clarity of the images is breathtaking.
The frame is silver, and almost looks fingerprint free. I had my fingers all over it, and I couldn’t see one print on it. I bet I could eat some greasy wings and probably still not see them, but I won’t tempt that experiment just yet.
I typically hate reading directions when I receive something new, but I did, because the booklet looked very slim and the buttons on the frame were almost self-explanatory. It has a slot for a memory card, a place to plug it into the wall and then a bunch of buttons to turn it on, switch to the next shot, ‘ok’, ‘menu’ – the usual.

The one thing I didn’t see was a USB port! I thought they all came with one for some reason, so forgive me for having made that assumption but when I realized it didn’t have one, my heart broke. How the heck was I going to put my pictures from last year, which I deleted long ago from my memory card onto the frame? I couldn’t!

Luckily my memory card wasn’t empty and had shots from Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular. It created a nice slideshow and with the buttons on the top, made it very easy to format them, if they were not in the appropriate angle. You can also (very easily) copy the pictures of your choosing, into the internal memory of the frame. You save pictures and delete them by pressing down

If you have a memory card with a bunch of your pictures then this would be good for you, because you can save them to the internal memory of the digital photo frame, but if you don’t have them on your memory card, and want to transfer them from your PC to the tiny memory card, then you’ll need to purchase a memory card reader. It is compatible with Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card and also Memory Stick.

So if the frame is the peanut butter, the card reader is the jelly. You don’t necessarily need the card reader, but it’ll sure make it taste better :) The great thing about using a memory card i(in the case that you think you need to always have yours in the frame) is that you can easily save the pictures onto the frame's internal memory by holding down the menu button while on the picture of choice. A toolbar will pop up asking you if you want to copy it or delete it - as simple as that.

The picture frame is available on for the astonishing low price of $52.99! sells refurbished and new items which is why their prices are so competitive. I personally trust refurbished items when I know the source is reputable, and often times you can also purchase extended warranty if that is a concern. Check them out, they have some really cool stuff, a bunch of other digital photo framesif you’re interested in different sizes and styles.

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