Pepcom 2009: HP is bringing a whole lot of sexy back & we love it!

Style Meets Substance I had to post that pic before anything because this is why HP is making the moves its making in the industry.

Although we like fast computers, and tons of memory, we also don't want to lug around textbook looking gadgets. They know this. We want to differentiate ourselves from others, while at the same time looking good, without hurting our backs. They know this. HP has reassured all of our concerns through their new product line.

As Nina recently posted, the HP ENVY 15 is a laptop beyond its class. It's the most powerful consumer laptop (to date) and its exterior is etched with the ever so amusing pattern of, um, greatness - I'm not really sure what it is, but its feels nice. This is the ideal gamer's laptop because of its ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card, 1GB dedicated to video memory and because it is only 1 inch thick and weights less than 6 lbs. It'll be available October 18th and will start at $1799.


The collection of HP minis, with the new Vivienne Tam edition one with the 3D effect of butterflies and also the one designed by Studio Tord Boontje are sure to hit the streets of every city too, and although Targus and Belkin have made great bags and sleeves for mini, I may even attempt to carry mine (when I get one) without a bag because I'd love to show the world what I have. It is not about being cocky, or trying to show off, but about showing the world another aspect of beauty that I'm sure they have not all seen.



HP is also set to launch the thinnest (business) laptop (.9 inches thin) which will not be ideal for your extreme gamer, but will be for anyone else that uses their laptops or personal computers for the internet and multimedia applications. The Probook 5310m can be purchased through the business unit at HP, but honestly, had I not asked a friend about the computer, to ensure it actually was the thinnest on the market, I would've never know it was a business laptop. To me it doesn't make much of a difference, so if there is a huge difference between what a consumer laptop and a business laptop can do, then someone, please let me know. It is due out on October 22nd and will start at $699.

Shoshana showed us their latest product - the DreamScreen.


Now think about that - what a perfect name for a gadget that can possibly do everything your lil' techie (or non-techie) mind desires. It's a dream come true to be able to view pics, get online, update a facebook status, check the weather for the week, and post pictures from online photo storage accounts while listening to the hottest tunes on Although it may seem a bit pricey, starting at $250, if you begin to count the many things this DreamScreen can do for you, I think it's easily justified. The DreamScreen is not yet available, but will be later in the fall, in time for the holidays.

If I had to create a logo for myself, or something that I hoped dating would be, like HP, I would say "Style Meets Substance" - for obvious reasons. Haha! Not too long ago, it was uncool to be a geek, or nerdy, or smart, and I think this site has exhibited quite the opposite :)