Pepcom 2009: &

As a shopaholic, my absolute favorite thing from Pepcom was and is a website with tons of coupons for endless numbers of stores online and off. Unlike other similar sites you do not need to subscribe, users rate the coupons so you sort of get ‘proof’ that they work, and they have over 23874932749837 companies and stores, and you can also ‘share the love’ (that’s how it is on the site) if you have a coupon of your own. I love online shopping, but heck-if I can do it at a discount, I’d love it a little more and may do it a little more! is a hottie’s blog on shopping and she writes about ways in which you can save or find the best sales. I recorded the both attractive women so if you want to hear what it’s about, first hand, from the source, check out the video…I apologize for my ‘1, 2, 3…’ in the beginning. I’m not a director, and am definitely not trying to be one, but wanted to start on queue…next time I’ll make sure my finger click and voice are in sync :)

GeneralNina Pena