Pepcom 2009: HP mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje

As a young girl I was boy crazy and now as a young career woman I am going to label myself as laptop crazy because I tend to fall in love with one every so often, anytime my eyes fall on another beauty and yesterday I had one of those moments. HP never disappoints me. Months could pass without me hearing a word, or checking out what they have on the pipeline and then TA-DA, something is released and I just have to shrug and in my head tell HP, ‘damnit, you’ve done it again.’

Yesterday I found my latest love, their Mini 110 by Studio. Oh my – what a beauty! I tried taking pictures but then realized I couldn’t really capture the essence so I took a brief video with the oh-so wonderful Miss Greta.

The laptop is white and the cover has a crazy design that almost looks like a hologram when you move it because of its multiple layers. There are a TON of beautiful animals on it, and get this, they are all endangered. I didn’t ask if any proceeds from the laptops were going to a special organization but I’m also guessing they probably are, I mean, why else would you do something like that.

Anyway, it’s beyond beautiful, I’m in love and I want one. The end.