Checking out the ContourHD

I love to skateboard and yesterday at an event here in NYC I saw a product that is perfect for skaters like me and anyone who is into extreme sports, and wants to record what they're doing from their own perspective.

You can litterally mount the camera anywhere, and it's durable too! At the show the person giving me the demo litterally droped it from about 5 feet up. I was Shocked because I didn't expect her to do that. But after all was said and done the only thing that happened when the camera was dropped was the battery cover opened, but neither the battery or memory card came out.

It also comes with cool easy to use software, atleast it looked easy to use. The software will help you edit your videos and even tag them. You can even upload the videos to a community they created so other people can view them too.

It's a pretty cool little camera and I might get one for my next skate boarding adventure.

GeneralCecilia Daclan