Innex/ Exo-Flex Skin for my PSP!

PSPInnex/ Exo-Flex sent me a skin for my PSP.  When I received the package in the mail I knew it had to be my skins.  It came in probably the most awkward flat box ever created (maybe I am over dramatic on this).  I have to admit my first impression was that this clearly was a dude's design; it was black and green plus it's named "Gamma."   Did they think about the whole women's demographic? Obviously us ladies don't need pink but something less abrasive would be nice.  To be fair I did let the company choose what to send me so I shouldn't complain too much about the odd choice.

As I stared at the new skin my PSP would now be sporting (on the bus and around the whorf) I thought; "Hmmm not so much Nina taste but I will give it a try; why not right?!" 

There is a huge misconception about skins for consumer electronics, especially the new skins out.  It does not leave a sticky residue on your electronics!  I have shaky hands so I did had to re-apply several times and each time it was easy as cake with no marks of reapplication!  NICE!  Note that it takes time to apply each different piece and something you should focus on at home maybe after a glass of "grape juice."  The air bubbles also are not so much an issue anymore; believe me I looked for flaws!

I  did try weeks later to remove the skin and still no residue.  Also, wear and tear has been great!  I throw my PSP in my various purses all the time (which gets shifted with my work commute and so far its still looking good).

I have to be honest I am now a PSP dork! I want to walk around holding my PSP with its gamer skin and I have gotten use to the colors...In fact I think I am damn right cool!! As cool as a technology dork can be!  So check out these skins.