HELP! I need a GOOD GPS!

Middle_of_nowhere_3_(road_901) If you're wondering what that pic is - its the best picture I could find that oozed "Middle of No Where" (thanks to this site).

Thats where my GPS took me on Tuesday night as I searched for a Walmart in Dallas, Tx. I'm still confused as to how I ended up driving more than an hour than I should've, but this is one of the things that is bound to happen when you depend on something - regardless if it is a human, or some form of technology related gadget...

Earlier this year, I had the blessing to test out the navigation system from another service provider (not Sprint...) and when I had to return the phone I lost a piece of me...that being my mind.

I absolutely hate my GPS. I hate having to get off of a highway to wait for it to 'reload', or being led to a non-existent destination. What the heck...and it was right after an upgrade.

WHY??????????? WHY ME?????????????

Someone please recommend a working GPS - I'm going to buy one. I swear. I don't care how much it costs.