What does BAM mean?

That was the question my friend’s mom asked her this week. Why? Because her son had ended his celebratory rant on passing an exam with ‘BAM’.


Well, let us think about it. What does BAM mean?
I told the friend to tell her mom to think about Batman in the good old days, where POW, BAM, KABOOM, etc would cover the screen after a scene that needed extra emphasis.

Isn’t that what BAM is? Like the punchline, the ending, where you start celebrating, the end of your rant, the ‘in your face’ as my friend said it.


Her mom isn’t the only one that wonders what things mean nowadays, especially when the communication occurring is over some means of technology – online, through text or email, where you can’t hear the emphasis, or the sarcasm in the delivery of the message.

My little sister and cousin now speak as if they’re texting through AIM, in real life! I don’t think I’ve ever heard my little sister burp, instead she says “Burrrrp”. My little cousin doesn’t gasp in real life, she says “GASP”, and all of these words are also used online. We now say LOL in real life, instead of really laughing – what the heck, are we changing the English language. Even if it is just colloquial, I see this spreading like the Spanish Plague – I’m not excited.

I am guilty of it too because I often communicate like this:

Person: ‘Hey, whats up? How are you?’ Me: ‘Blah :| ‘

That’s my ‘Blah’ face – either this :| or :\

What the heck is “blah” and when did it get into my head????????

Blah means blah. I can’t even describe it, because I’ve convinced myself it really is a feeling, and it’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, usually brought upon by uncontrollable factors, like waking up late or crummy weather. Those things make me feel ‘blah’.

I’ve fallen victim to technology and am now apart of the online generation. Oh lord…don’t let it happen to you & keep in mind that people aren’t being affected at the same rates, some may not know what ICPCFHBAICDITIOACFH (I’m choking, please call for help because all I can do it text instead of actually calling for help) means, so please make sure to explain where ever necessary. Acronyms shall also be the death of me.

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