I got a PSP; Now I Can Play Rock Band Anywhere I go!

rockband game and pspI finally got a PSP (our friend gave us one) and Rockband Unplugged for it courtesy of the friendly folks at Harmonix and MTV. After E3 playing Rockband Unplugged on PSP I realized it was a must have for me!  For several reasons, first I hate flying with a passion and I believe this is a great distraction for anyone like me or those who travel allot and are bored on a plane. I am the type that needs to have a few glasses of wine and take 2 Dramamine just to get through security, board the plane and prepare for take off.  Once my husband put me on the smallest plane (2 propeller plane) known to man in a thunderstorm from Seattle to Utah...I was convinced he was trying to kill me by a plane crash (not to mention ironically my life insurance was up'd).  Something to be said when even the flight attendants were white as a ghost and no drink service. "CRAP," I thought...I don't even get a glass of wine before I die!  Rockband 100

Since I will be traveling more via plane to visit my gal pal moving to LA; I believe a PSP may distract me enough to where I don't have to medicate myself to a zombie like state!  Or freak out the passenger next to me by saying "God please don't let me die today!" (out loud!)

Second reason I think PSP is great not just for kids(of course its perfect for kids but my angle is towards adults) but also for any city people like myself that use public transportation...Especially if you have a long commute on the train! You can play Rockband Unplugged for an hour on PSP and not realize where the time went and you're at your destination...SWEET! I will probably be the dork on the Muni dancing to my PSP while everyone thinks I am "oh one those wackos." Plus it was so easy to figure out, Sony may hate me for saying this but I didn't look at the owners manual, its pretty straight forward!

 Nina Playing PSP

Third, I just love playing Rockband especially when we bust it out in parties!  So when I got the Rock Band Unplugged game in the mail I jumped up and down with joy!  I immediately started playing with it.  I created my band just like I did on my PS3, named my characters (my game name is "Ninja"), and started the tour.  Here is what was odd about the game;  the game automatically started with San Francisco (where I live now) and then I unlocked the Austin (I am from ATX).  I was miffed; how did this little contraption know this information...I have think this is a coincidence...O-O-O-R-R is it?

The game itself for me was a challenge at first b/c you have to flip inbetween each instrument and hit all the notes within phrase. Then you pop to the next instrument and hit every single note and so forth in order to get those magical little stars that up's your score and fan base (because we all need fans). The game helps you figure out which instrument to go to next; I figured this out much later into my tour (unfortunately)!  Once you have hit every note in a certain number for phrases on each instrument you get a notification that says "BAND GROVE!" That's when you know your starting to do well; unfortunately it distracts me each time and I miss a note!

 Nina PSP Rockband

So far (since I also have a life and can't play 24/7) I have only unlocked Austin, Seattle, LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, Montreal, Street Promoters, a Merch girl, and 2 Deluxuliner Bus (because you need a second bus for your entourage! Hello I am a ROCK STAR on PS3).  Below is the list of songs I have so far on my PSP.

  •  ABC, Jackson's 5,
  • Miss Murder, AFI
  • Buddy Holly, Weezer
  • More Then a Feeling, Boston
  • Float On, Modest Mouse (my favorite)
  • Alive, Pearl Jam
  • I Was Wrong, Social Distortion
  • Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
  • My Own Worst Enemy, Lit
  • White Wedding, Billy Idol
  • Message in a Bottle, The Police
  • Today, Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Our Truth, Lacuna Coil
  • The Killing Jar, Siouxsie and the Banschees
  • Carry On Wayword Son, Kansas
  • Mr. Brightside, The Killers (another fav, saw them back stage at ACL)
  • Drain You, Nirvana (Nirvana was my first CD ever!)
  • Show Me the Way, Black Tide
  • Where'd you go, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  •  Aqualung, Jethro Tull
  • The Middle, Jimmy Eat World

mel playing rockband on psp

I had to share this new toy with some of my greatest pals in San Francisco on the way to Fremont (which I believe is on another planet but its not...though sure does seem like it from the city!)  My BFF Mel and I also geeked out and played at our weekly girls lunch a couple minutes.  She really got into it and she isn't a gamer like me at all! Then my two guy friends in the car tested it out; one got annoyed pretty quickly...guess it's not his cup of tea (maybe he just was not good though a lovely person...gamer not so much!) and my other guy pal did decent.  Then my husband was the one that got all 100% on Buddy Holly (grrr!)...not when he was driving of course.

This is probably my favorite product I have received so far, I can't stop playing it and loosing sleep trying to unlock cities!  If you don't have it go get it, its going for about $39.99.