Innex Skins! A Nina CUTEGEEK fan GIVE AWAY!!

skinHello Cutegeek FANS; its rare I get this opportunity but I got some cool skins that frankly will not match with any of my technical devices!  Sorry I am not an iPhone chick nor do I own an Xbox (bummer I know but one does has to stop after having a PSP and PS3; though after E3 I have considered getting a Wii)!  I talk on the phone way to much so dealing with an iPhone that is anything BUT a phone would piss me off (trust me I tested it out)! I love my iPod shuffle but I need a reliable phone considering I live IN the city and frankly you never know what you may run into while on a random outing. Story of my life recently!

So I have these very vibrant colored skins for an Xbox and for an iPhone.  Whomever replies the quickest that is a TRUE cutegeek fan (prove it to me honey) plus has a funny remark shall get these skins (granted you live in the USA because heck I am not rich and I will be shipping it to you)!

This shall be a true test of who is Nina cutegeek fan! LOL. Game on cutegeekers!

Note: The iphone skin is the exact design!