MTV Games and Harmonix Unveil Next 15 Songs Featured In The Beatles™: Rock Band™

Yippee skippy!  I cannot wait till September to get the Beatles Rockband!!!  Always been a huge fan even though I am an 80's baby, my parents played music from the 50's and on since I was a child!  Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is clearly one of my favorite Beatles albums (it helped my parents had the CD)! I recall I use to listen to that CD nightly in high school (unlike everyone else in HS listening to pop rock, no offense I am just an old schooler)!  Till this day I swear I sometimes I start my morning with... "Woke up, fell out of bed, Dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, And looking up I noticed I was late. Found my coat and grabbed my hat. Made the bus in seconds flat." (Beatles Song: A Day In The Life)...and yes I literally sing this with a lil' dance! I should have a reality show since I am such a dork! I swear I have been meaning to do a youtube of this reenactment! BUT I am hoping one day this song will be available for Rockband!

 So yesterday I got a list of more songs for Beatles Rockband

Per the press release, see below...and I believe the list will see full press release go here!

"Following the world premiere of The Beatles: Rock Band at the Microsoft press briefing at the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit last month, the newly announced 15 songs represent a cross-section of hits and favorites that span The Beatles’ storied career from Can’t Buy Me Love and Paperback Writer to With A Little Help From My Friends and Yellow Submarine, bringing the total number of announced songs to 25."   The 15 new songs for The Beatles: Rock Band and the venues they are featured in are:   ·         Twist And Shout / Cavern Club ·         Do You Want To Know A Secret / Cavern Club ·         Can't Buy Me Love / Ed Sullivan Theater ·         I Wanna Be Your Man / Ed Sullivan Theater ·         Eight Days A Week / Shea Stadium ·         Paperback Writer / Budokan ·         And Your Bird Can Sing / Budokan ·         Yellow Submarine / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band* / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         With a Little Help from My Friends* / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         Revolution / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         Birthday / Abbey Road Dreamscape ·         Dig A Pony / Rooftop Concert ·         I've Got A Feeling / Rooftop Concert   Additional on-disc songs will be announced at a later date.  Stay tuned kids; I think this can only get better!!!!