My IPod Shuffle is Nina certified!

shuffleI was born a klutz, in fact it's rare that I will not have a bruise on me...I run into door frames frequently.  Also as I am getting older I have developed shaky hands which has been the demise of many of my tech gadgets.  If they only could build a cell phone that once you dropped it; it would bounce back up like a basket ball! Man I should patent that idea! To be honest I can break anything and I have no idea how it happens! Somewhat like when my dog plays with bugs and then kills them and wonders why they won't play with her, kinda the way I feel about my gadgets. Once I was vacuuming and I ran over my husband mouse (not a real mouse, computer mouse) cord and the vacuum tore it in half!  I was so distraught!

Cut to me and my pink IPod shuffle (yes I know we all say that we don't need to have pink products but my favorite color is pink in honor of my grandmother).  My shuffle is used about 4-5 hours a day since I live in the city and walk every where.  Seriously you don't want me driving since I am a hot mess behind the wheel (I never took the driving portion of drivers ed.).  And yeah I know its not the newest one but frankly I still love it! 

So one night I accidentally spilled "water" (take a guess what water may be) unknowingly all over my shuffle while on its dock plugged into the wall.  After realizing such I was convinced...I am going to have to go buy the new shuffle.  As many techies know if you ever spill ANY liquid on any technical device do not turn it on!  I don't know how many times I have told this to people! (Nobody listens to turtle!)

So as a smart geek I first unplugged it immediately (for fear my condo may burn down) and let it dry off over night.  I have to give myself props for that move because it totally saved my shuffle!  The next day I stared at my shuffle for a while...afraid it wouldn't work and I would have to deal with every homeless person that approaches me on my daily walks.  The moment came where I just bit the bullet and turned it on..."OMG it works," I thought as I am listening to my hip hop music through my Roxy/ JBL earbuds!

So at last folks I have found a device that I have not broken and its been 6 months.  The shuffle has battled through many drops in the street (klutzy) and now emerged in "water" and the thing still works!  I love my shuffle, though I think I have a very unhealthy relationship with itunes...or maybe just technology in general!?