Optical Technology Developer Sets Sights on Q4 Launch of V-Screen for PSP®

While at E3 I had the chance to play with a PSPat the MTV booth.  It was really cool b/c they set up pods for each person to play the game; no one told me that this was so no one else can hear you playing the game.  So my geeky self goes to one of the pods hell bent on playing Rockband on PSP(I think I have an unhealthy addiction to Rockband, but that's another topic).  I put on Modest Mouse b/c on drumming its easier then say QOTSA or Foo Fighters plus I never played a PSP before...Before you know "Float on" comes on and I start dancing along with the PSP in hand enjoying myself and having a good old time, so I started dancing along even more! 

This is when Michael from Hardwaregeeks.com comes to me in the booth, "Uh Nina," he says.  Annoyed I say "yeah?" (hello I was in the middle of float on and throwing down some mad dance moves) "You do realize that no one else can hear you."  First off thanks Michael for making me look like a dork for at least 2 minutes BEFORE telling me this.  I have to wonder if he was recording it with his camera or just standing there laughing at me. Michael if you have this on video post it dude! 

SO my face turned all shades of red from embarrassment and then I thought well I already made a huge dork of myself, mine as well keep dancing! After trying this PSP for the first time I realized I needed a PSP and ASAP!

So today I open my cutegeek inbox to this press release below.  I got EXCITED and sang excited (again sing with me world!)

Optical technology developer sets sights on Q4 launch of V-Screen for PSP.

"July 20, 2009- Los Angeles, Calif. – RealView Innovations Ltd., a developer of optical technology located in Ireland, has announced that it will launch its V-Screen for the Sony PSP handheld video game console in time for the Q4 Christmas buying season. The V-Screen is a consumer-friendly attachment that enhances the perceived depth of the 2D screen image on the PSP." To see full press release go here!

My initial thought was man it must be soooo cool to be a kid now a days!  Then a light bulb went off in my head!  I don't h-a-v-e to be a kid to play with the PSP; we all know I am big kid at heart anyhow!  So I am hopeful to score a PSP before Q4 so I can try out this new technology!