My Xfire Demo in Menlo Park!

At E3 I met the VP of Marketing Matt from Xfire (again cutie!), who explained all the ins and outs of gaming social media.  Sorry ladies I didn't get a picture...just take my word for it that he is cute in his casual fedora hat! So per the website "Xfire is a free application that combines multiple gaming tools into one powerful tool to alleviate the need to run multiple different gaming related programs. For instance, Xfire allows you to chat with your friends, see what games they are playing, what servers they are playing on and join them instantly with one click. Xfire also allows you to show off your gaming skills by capturing screenshots and videos and uploading them to your Profile page on the Xfire website."

Admittedly I went on a spa quest to get out of the city and to a resort in the south bay.  I recalled that Matt said Xfire was in Menlo Park and since my resort was there I might as well stop by.  I had set up my clan on Xfire after E3 and since then did nothing to it and have only one sample friend, which is pathetic! Though how nice of Xfire to give me a sample friend since I clearly had NONE!  I needed some Xfire tutorials and demo's of what other folks with more friends Xfire clan looked like. 

I have been wanting to try some online games out and Xfire is the perfect interface and seems to be the ideal website for me to join.  So I make my drive from the foggy city to sunny Menlo Park. 

I walk into the Xfire office, "uh...hello? Anyone?!" It was 9am...

It looked like any gamers office/ lab, I know this after working at Dell with engineers!  Cardboard cut outs of gaming characters and posters of games or gaming entertainment posters on the walls. 

In walks Matt..."oh thank gawd I am not in the wrong office," I thought immediately!

Matt takes me to his office and I see his Xfire account...and now I have clan envy.  His xfire was all hooked up with all these friends and's kinda like getting friend envy on facebook or twitter! Darn I am about to look like a major idiot once he sees mine, I thought. 

Please don't ask...please don't ask...

And then sure enough he asks, "Whats your account name so I can add you as a friend?" 

On No! uhhhhhh...I think the spa mentality got to me too soon...

I didn't even have it memorized!  What kind of gamer am I?! Seriously  I shuffle around in my over sized Juicy C purse and finally find my user name and p/w.  Even more embarrassing is that I had some pretty crappy games listed that I honestly have no idea how they appeared on my account, maybe after some "grape juice?"

He gives me a standard tour on his PC of screen shots of different gamers on xfire and live broadcasts.  I got a better grasp of the hot keys that were used to switch between games and the web!

cutegeek_xfire screen

So here is a good list to help you all get started who aren't on Scroll Lock + X: Brings up Xfire Ingame Scroll Lock + V: Starts Video Capture Scroll Lock + B: Starts Broadcast Scroll Lock + W: Brings up Web Scroll Lock + S: Takes a screenshot

Xfire ScreenSo then I meet the engineer who showed me the gaming interface and how all the above also help your xfire gaming experience.  I have to be honest till I play around and join games I am so lost.  However I recall at my Madballs Demo they said it would be online so that may be me!  So give it a try!  Why not right?! So be my pal on Xfire...I need me gamers!!