Review: Sanyo SCP-2700 for Sprint

SANYO SCP-2700When looking at things around you, do you ever wonder “who thought of that?” or “how they’d think of that?” - I do. All the time...Years ago we probably would’ve never expected to have cell phones the way that we do today, and today, so many of us have them, and for different reasons that there are various categories (so to speak) of cell phone users. Sprint sent CuteGeek the Sanyo SCP-2700. First off, its pink with flower decals. Very cute. Thumbs up. I never considered myself to be that girly, but I would purchase this phone and love it as much as my old gray mogul. I liked the phone's design a lot. The color was soft and inviting, as if it told you "Come pick me up, I'm great". The flowers were fun and flirty. The phone is also available in a bright blue, not highlighter blue, but like an electric blue - very nice.

The phone looked like the morph of Palm’s Centro with the Blackberry’s keys but it felt much lighter. Light phones can be tricky – it can mean less work when into it, or cheap parts, so I was a skeptic at first.

Sanyo’s SCP-2700 is the ideal phone for a texter. The keys are the best I’ve ever felt. They had the perfect curve, rubber like/clean feel at all times (like when you run your fingers on a clean glass) and there are buttons that facilitated and increase your texting capability. There is a ‘TEXT’ button – thanks for that Sanyo, that’s ideal for the go-getters who don’t like wasting time going through various windows. There is a button with a smiley face, aka the smiley button. That button held the magic behind everyone’s life. It had a bunch of cute emoticons and it’s the first I’ve ever seen of its kind and I thought it was very cute.

The screen is 2.2 inches (diagonally), and it takes great pictures (1.3 MP) but is NOT a touch screen. Touch screen users – this is hard…I found myself banging on the poor screen a couple of times, and no, I’m not an idiot - I’m just a touchy feeling kinda gal’ when it comes to my phone. I quickly grew out of that though and mastered how to use the phone.

Now when I say it’s a texter’s dream I mean it. I mean it because when you receive phone calls, an option you have is ‘Ignore with text’. Now how awesome is that. How often have we received calls while on hold with our credit cards and we can’t pick up, and we feel bad for ignoring, but we can’t hang up so we just wait it out in hopes of whoever called not being mad and understanding the situation. Oh yea – that feature is cool.

Impulsive Pink Sanyo 2700 Low Res
One of the things that I did with this phone, that I don’t think I’ve ever done with any phone I’ve owned is actually look at it’s user guide. The reason I did was because I literally got the package as I walked out of my building, and I was about to trek on an hour long commute downtown.

User guides are undervalued. I would’ve never known of some of the cool things about the phone had I not read it, so I encourage everyone to read their user guides because theres only so much a commercial or quick in-store demo can show you – uncover the goodies by reading it, or skimming if that.

The phone also came with a tiny paper and it showed how to get the best hearing device experience with your phone. Again, not a big deal, but as a visual learner, I can’t tell you how easy that was to comprehend, instead of reading it written as ‘Place phone in the middle of your palm, in a 90 degree angle, while curving your pointer and thumb, and positioning the fingers….yea…a picture did the trick.

The phone has most of the options as most phones but it also comes with ‘Chat & Dating’ something Sprint has identified as something that is frequently changing, so you have to go back and see what is new. They have wireless chatrooms there, and I won’t lie, when I got my first cellphone, I chatted in one of those wireless chatrooms – it was 8 years ago…I’m afraid about the conversations that go on today – people actually probably hook up…not interested.

I didn’t try the SMS voice messaging, and I should’ve, I just forgot. I know you can leave up to 3 minute messages though.

One of the tools that the phone comes with is a stop watch. I can play sports, and no I don’t do it on a regular basis, but as someone who is slowly developing into a marathon runner (yes – positive thinking brings positive things), keeping track of my time is great. I haven’t had one cell phone in the past to have that.

As a first generation Dominican, I often have to call my family abroad and this phone has a plus (+) code dialing, which allows the phone to automatically enter the international access code for the location you are calling (another time saver). That feature is subject to network availability.

The battery capacity on this phone was the best I’ve had in years. I’m so used to having an ‘intelligent phone’ that I’ve accepted subpar battery performances because I know my gadget is always working hard at something. The SCP-2700 went days without charging sometimes, and this was all the while I updated my facebook on a very consistent basis, texted the world, called loved ones, and used the navigation to get to my destinations. Battery capacity rocked!!!!

Using the internet was awkward for me in the beginning due to the transition of ‘non touch screen’ and because my facebook homepage looked different than my other phone, due to the smaller size, but that wasn’t a hurdle in my facebook status update performance. A facebook app would've been nice but I never really used one so I didn't think to download it and am unsure if theres one available.

The biggest mistake I made while having this phone was setting as my homepage, accepting the ‘keep me logged in’, and then always finding myself clicking on their one click button to the web. I was beyond addicted…no good.

Sanyo is cuter
The phone is a tad bit smaller the Palm Centro. The Centro is a bit thicker, rounder and longer (by almost nothing) but it weighted a lot more. By a lot I don’t mean you’ll discover new muscles in your hands, but it’s a significant amount. Although the SCP-2700 is thinner and lighter, at first I thought it would be cheap and break easily, but its not. Granted, I only had it for about a month, but I didn’t have a case for it, and it only had one scratch at the end of the CuteGeek tour. I accidentally dropped the phone on concrete, about a 4 ft fall, the first day I started using it - you can see it in the pics.
Centro is thicker
(yes, thats White Castle you see in the back) I used the phone's Navigation, which appears to have had some sort of upgrade - not sure to what, but it was so much better and quicker than my current phone's Navigation. The speakerphone is easy to use because there is also a nice handy dandy button at the corner of the screen. The dedicated button was great to use while driving in comparison to my touch screen, where I have to play with my phone in hopes of me touching the right button while keeping my eye on the road. The phone does not have the capability to watch Sprint TV - but come on, it has Bluetooth...The two don't compare, I know, duh!, but in life there are things called trade-offs, and I would give up not having Sprint TV or Pandora on my phone for the best QWERTY keyboard out.

There were features of the phone that intrigued me and then awakened the scorned woman lurking inside my brain.

SO – phone now come with “secret contacts entries”. Oh, what is that you ask. It’s a number that is stored in your phone, but when called, does not appear as if it’s stored. I didn’t see the purpose in that, unless you’re trying to hide something…again, sorry, it was the scorned woman coming out, but I thought the feature was cool. I like options, even if they encourage sneaky behavior.

Now back to business. I’m not sure if many phones have this feature but you can restrict the calls you receive, incoming or outgoing. Let me explain further, or help you visualize…are there ever days where you are swamped with work, or overwhelmed with life and you just don’t want to be ‘available’ – well if you answered yes to any of these, or if I confused you, then you should purchase this phone. You can restrict your incoming calls and when used in conjunction with “special numbers” (another feature), you can identify numbers that you are always available for.

Again, think Sunday afternoon…you just woke up at 2 pm from a fun night of partying and the last thing you want to do is talk to anyone because you want to catch up with your DVRs…but you know you can’t ignore your mom or significant other’s phone because they will call the cops to find out where you are at or blow up your house phone…well, here’s your answer.

The most impressive part to this story is that you can get this phone for free at Radio Shacks (those eligible for upgrades and new Sprint customers) or for $30 at a Sprint store/retailer. Sanyo has answered the need to provide a phone with extraordinary texting capabilities without giving the phone a lot of extra features that won’t be used. You may not be able to take videos on the phone, but if you’re a social networking guru and prefer texting over talking then this phone was tailor made for you.