Review: Radius Atomic Bass Earphones

earphones shotEarphones or Headphones? That is the question. It’s the same as asking someone if they’re PC or Mac…I used to be indifferent. I only had a preference when it came to certain activities. For example, I dislike headphones (w/ squishy cushions) when I work out – why? Because if I sweat, its nasty. It absorbs it and its just nasty to me. To work out, I prefer the ones that wrap around your ear, and go (slightly) into your ear. They’re the most comfortable, and don’t block out all the noise around you, which helps, especially if you’re running outside, crossing streets, etc...

Noise cancellation headphones/earphones are great on the plane because there is just so much noise on it. It helps me focus, concentrate, sleep, block out where I’m at, etc. I also use them on the train. The noise cancellation headphones I wear are very uncomfortable to sleep in though because they’re so big. I still attempt it though – every since time I have them.

I was never an earbud wearer, and I’m not quite sure why, but I just never really owned my own pair. Radius sent CuteGeek their Radius Atomic Bass Earphones and the first thing that came to mind was “woohoo – no more huge carrying case!”

It’s not an easy transition though. It really isn’t. The first time I wore them, I wore them to go into downtown Manhattan. There was an hour train ride separating me from my destination and I was determined to get some good music time on that ride.

The earbuds were easy to use – obviously. All I had to do was stick 'em in and swivel them into my ear, until I reached the optimal listening and comfort level. The instructions in the box show of different ways to wear them, so for those that like running with their earbuds, you can position these in a way that wrap around your ear, mitigating the risk of them slipping out from the impact of running.

It’s not a hard task, but I didn’t master it the first couple of times that I wore them. I wore them at work, on the train, working out, etc, because I wanted to make sure that this review covered all aspects.

Like the fickle woman that I am, at first I disliked them, but it was because the earbuds fell off as I took them off. They fell onto the train’s platform and all I thought was ‘Noooo – damn germs got to the buds!’. I thought I lost them forever and although the earbuds come with extra buds (in different sizes) I knew, deep down inside, those were my perfect size. I scanned the perimeter, found them, grabbed my handy dandy hand sanitizer that I no longer leave home without (thank you swine flu) and I cleaned them to the best of my ability.

I was still a bit upset that the earbuds didn’t come with a small case, even something cloth, to hold them together while their not being worn to avoid that from happening, but life goes on right. Yes. It does.

Wearing earbuds feels different. Some love it, and I personally felt like it felt like a wet willy that last way too long (Wet Willy = wet finger in someone’s ear). It’s not something I look forward to doing, I’d rather lay on a beach, or like sleep, than to have that wet weird feeling in my ear.

No, no – my ears were not dirty. That wasn’t it. On top of wearing all the other hats I’ve previously mentioned, I am also a germiphob so the ears are as fresh as they can be. The fact that I’m a germie though made me sort of feel weird like with the earbuds. Ever been in a situation where someone needs something to listen to music…yea…I wasn’t volunteering anyone use my earbuds. I know my ears are clean – but yours? I don’t know.

Actually, I lied. I did ask some of my friends to try them because I was curious as to what their response would be on their performance because they were all earbud wears and I was the novice. They were safe – earbuds were spotless after the trials.

Still – it is something to think about. It’s a squishy bud at the tip, that can expose whatever you may not want to see, to the world.

I went from not being too happy and thinking, oh man, this is weird to thinking, wow, the sound really is good.

I wore them to work out and after too many tries, I finally wrapped the cord behind my ear and securely positioned the buds to last me my mile run. I had to fix them occasionally and I blame it on the fact that I thought I needed a different size so I tried the medium – big mistake. My ear was hurting and I couldn’t figure out why – duh! Too big…

I went back to small buds and the rest is history. The sound is amazing in these earbuds. I can honestly compare these $39.99 ear buds to my $299 noise cancellation apparatus that I used to wear. They are very light (duh) and do not threaten the slightest hairstyle or cut.

I went from having interrupted sleep on my commute to work (on a plane) to sleeping like a baby, because the earbuds fit perfect. When I say perfect, I mean more than perfect. I could lay on my travel pillow and not feel them going too deep into my ear canal, and it blocked out the noise around me so well that I often got awoken my a stewardess violently shaking my seat to get my attention. Not the best situation to be in, but it showed me these earbuds are great.

The way earbuds are supposed to work, according to an earbud wearing guru in my life, is by sort of giving you the ‘underwater’ feel. Like its just you and your thoughts.

These headphones do just that. For superior sound, I would definitely invest in a pair of these. They come in different colors and for the many activities I listen to music in, I would wear these before another. I will say that it takes some time to get used to the different design of the earbuds, and to find the perfect bud size to fit you. Don’t give up though. These earbuds are almost worthy of a top award, but it failed our durability entrance exam.

I’ve been wearing these earbuds for about 2 months and recently had a piece of the cord, slip. It didn’t come off, but it didn’t stick as well as it should have to the tip of the earphones.

This doesn’t affect the sound quality but it can foreshadow other design issues – I would hate to have something else fall apart. The earbuds were never exposed to water, so I couldn’t figure out if it was my fault or theirs.
atomic bass earphones by radius Despite who’s fault it is, or what happened, the earbuds work great and I wear them almost everyday. I would recommend these for everyone, except children, only because the sound could hurt their ears if they listen to it too loud. Actually, that applies to both children and adults. The sound is very,very clear, has ‘atomic bass’ and gives you that "I’m in the club by myself" feel – but remember not to abuse it. You don’t want to negatively impact your regular hearing abilities.