Review: JBL ROXY On-Ear Headphones Reference 430

the boxStyle, meet sound. I remember reading about this collaboration and I quickly imagined some cool products with superb sound quality.

My current bathing suit for the summer of 09 is from Roxy and my old iPod dock is the round one JBL produced – so yea, I know what I’m talking about.

I was psyched when they asked CuteGeek to review earbuds and headphones…I’m a headphone wearer so Nina got the earbuds and I saw them and my mouth just opened.

First off – the box is really nice. Bright colors, clear, nice designs, etc…very “llamativo” (that’s a word used for things that are eye-catching or grabbing…it definitely grabs your attention). The headphones were bright orange and pink. I looked at the box for about a week, before actually taking them headphones out, and I’m not sure why, but I can almost admit that I was intimidated.

I started thinking about how to match them, if they were going to be comfy, if my hair would get messed up, if they would be cancel the noise like my other huge headphones and then I thought of Nina’s picture from CES, the ones where she’s wearing the headphones.

I also thought about what my coworkers would think because these weren’t just any ol’ headphones, these were big and they yelled “look at me, I’m right here, standing tall and proud’.

When I used to wear my noise cancelling headphones at work I would be called Minnie, Princess Lela (or whatever Star Trek or Star Wars chick had the two buns) and I even had one coworker walk as if he were an air traffic controller – yes , my coworkers rock and all have a sense of humor…I was ready…

I brought them to work on Monday and I took them out. I received a lot of comments, but due to my hair sort of being in an up do, I couldn’t wear them for a long time. I couldn’t risk having flat hair – who me? NEVER! I asked my oh so wonderful coworker (Sylvia P.) to wear them and to let me know what she thought - if they were comfortable, heavy, etc… worn 2She loved them, she said they were very comfortable, did not pull her hair and were not heavy at all. She also said it provided more than just a listening experience. As an earbud wearer, something she often experiences and gets irritated from, is people not realizing she has them in, and them constantly going over to speak to her. These headphones were almost a people repellent. The headphones screamed ‘I’m listening to music, having fun at work, do not disturb’. Okay – maybe not all that, but it was impossible to not tell she had them on, which probably increased her productivity a couple of percentage points this week.

I gave the headphones a try the following day and although they were comfy, and easy to wear, that wore off quickly. My ears began to hurt a bit and it’s not that my head is huge, but I think my glasses + headphones combo on the ears didn’t really go too well. They don’t cover your ears completely; they rest on them so after a while you’ll be sore too.

I’m not that easy to disappoint though so I didn’t rush to my computer to negatively criticize the headphones. I wore them multiple times, and also passed them along to my close friends. The cords are pretty cool and also impossible to tangle - I wish my hair were the same way. The cord is also attached to both headphones which was annoying at first, because I’m used to my other headphones which only has the wire coming out from one side but after a couple of hair pulls, I managed to remember.

The consensus was that after wearing the headphones for quite a while, they actually do cause some discomfort. It happened to 2 out of the 3 individuals who wore them on an occasional basis. I wore them at work, on my commute to where ever, and also on the plane back home.

Wearing them at work was cool – especially because I’m the middle child and do suffer from the ‘I want attention at all times’ syndrome. These were ideal. On the train, they were cool as well, especially in NYC where the weird is normal, and normal is boring. Wearing them on the plane wasn’t the best scenario. I couldn’t fall asleep with my head on the window because I couldn’t quite get a spot that would not squish my ears or the headphones. It also didn’t block any noise so I took them off quickly and switched back to my earbuds.

When you first see the headphones you think wow – bright colors – great! Bright colors are in right now and I’m actually expanding the color scheme in my closet so I would totally wear them. These headphones are $69.99 and can be purchased through the Roxy or the Apple Store with free shipping. They also come with a handy carrying case. The headphones fit comfortably in it and it is also big enough to hold an iPod or a phone. The case is a zipper case, and soft cloth so don't expect it to handle being thrown anywhere. The headphones come in another very cute color scheme of baby blue and aqua green. While the headphones can cause some discomfort, for those of you that are more concerned with making a statement, don’t mind paying a little more for some style and quality, want to look cute, and want to listen to some good music – then these headphones are for you.