Review: Core Cases for iPod Video 80GB

IMG_0900At one point in time the goal for every gadget owner is to preserve its greatness. That greatness can vary. For headphones, maybe it’s the crystal clear sounds. For phones, the greaseless screen…for iPods, it’s everything.

How can I keep my iPod looking brand spanking new, without causing uncomfy bulges to appear in my clothes or bags, and how can I optimize its use.

Core Cases has nailed it.

When I first got my iPod back in 07 (I wasn’t an early adapter…I had a Dell DJ) I wanted a case that wasn’t hard, because I thought the big plastic ones were ‘big’ and ‘bulky’ – yuck. I wanted something that could ensure my iPod’s survival in my ever so changing and exciting world, so I opted for a rubber sleevelike cover.

You think of rubber and you think of it magically bouncing right back into your hands after a fall – yea – that wasn’t the case.

The rubber case helped a lot, and I still have it, but one thing I didn’t realize, and I noticed after a year of using it, was that there were these little gaps in the top and bottom (for obvious reasons). The top space exposed where the headphone goes, and the bottom where the charger goes…what it didn’t expose (until further investigation) was all the junk it allowed to hang in my iPod sleeve!

Core Case
Back of product
The nerve! I was appalled. My $20 investment went to crap when I took the sleeve off and realized my iPod suffered battle wounds, all the while I thought it was safe.

Back to Core Cases – they nailed it.

They sent CuteGeek a case for my iPod and it is definitely an iPod preserve/saver/cool case.

I’m assuming it’s called Core Cases because it, well, feels cold. It’s aluminum or something. The case comes in two parts and they slide into each other. The inside has this soft material, similar to the material that comes with air conditioners that protects the window…I hope everyone knows what I mean…the inside material is the cushion for the iPod, and the sliding functionality of the case ensure no unwelcomed crappolas go into your iPod and scratch it up when you’re not looking.

Inside cushion
The screen is protected and it also comes with a film on top of the screen cover. The only ‘exposed’ part of the iPod is the wheel and although some things can sneak into the iPod, I can assure you that it won’t cause the scratches that my iPod suffered…

Ironically enough, although the Core Case didn’t come in my color of presence, it did match with the ear buds that I was reviewing. It’s not a big deal, but man, what a coincidence.

Atomic Bass Earphones & Core Cases
Core Cases are available on The prices range from $9.95 to $19.95, varying between sizes. You can also buy it at different retailers around the world on the web.