I lost my voice on Black Sabath and QOTSA DLC Rockband 2!

This past weekend was my birthday and we celebrated!  One crazy day I got download crazy and with Rockband DLC of QOTSA and Black Sabath. Admitedly I have been in a few mosh pits (Foo Fighters, FuManchu, Weezer, QOTSA) and saw QOTSA back stage at ACL in 2007 (I love you Josh);  so new songs for Rockband make me HAPPY! Plus I love to ROCK! or DANCE! So I lost my voice on Black Sabath's "War Pigs", I love that song! In fact I use to belt that song out in our music room back in Texas! 


The drums were a challenge...I...of course had to play medium and... man o man it was tough!  I LOVED THE CHALLENGE THOUGH!  We had to literally restart several times before we finally got the grove...not like we picked an easy DLC!  Plus, QOTSA and Black Sabath drumming is a challenge, again I loved it!  A couple times I sang and I am sure this was the demise of my voice lose. Again though I enjoyed the drums more...I always do...its too much fun!

Signed the Queen of Rockband for cutegeek.