My Madballs BABO Invasion Demo in San Francisco!

Babo I was pleasantly and shockingly surprised by my Madballs Babo Invasion demo experience here in San Francisco. Remember the Madballs craze in the 80’s…if you don’t I feel dang old!

I recall all the boys had them, though till this day I don’t understand the purpose…yet thanks to the Demo I have my own little Madball to figure out and it’s an old school one too…

Screamin’ Meenie!!!  Do I throw it?? Step on it? WHAT?! So lost on this toy! But hell bent on figuring it out!


Everyone knows I am the queen of Rockband for In fact my arms were sore that day after 2 hours of Rockband drumming the night before including a jam session of Run to the Hills (that is one tough song).

So I wake up and think…will I enjoy this game? Will I be good at the game? Typically I play music games and car games (b/c who doesn’t want to crash into things, right?). Out of curiosity I went to the Madballs Babo Invasion website to check out what I just got myself into…

Screen ShotScreenshot
As soon as it popped up and I saw the screen shots of the game I was intimidated and my face turned all shades of red, WHOA! In fact my hands were shaking at the demo at first! I am the type of lady who will try any electronic once…So there I went to the lions den…hailed a taxi with my lovely boot cast and made my way to the demo suite (embarrassingly only 5 blocks away from my condo)

To be honest I was starting to think I wouldn’t be good at it…beads of sweat were starting to think about accumulating (mostly nerves but also b/c the cab was stuffy). What if I can’t cut it and oh crap I am videotaping…this could be bad! Demise of Nina in literally 30mins!

MadballsTHAT ALL CHANGED…once I had the control in my hands  I was rocking…and I had F-U-N (sorry Scott from playbrains, I stole your expression!) HA! Scott also really helped me grasp the game; this game truly is for those that want to invest their time in a game.

MAGMOROnce I was in combat I was laughing and also being challenged at the same time, see the first time I played here!  My character the first time around was Magmor which as a dork I said his name in the deep voice the game did, yeah I geeked out!

I am not great at shoot em’ up games or anything that requires a target; my aim is awful and I get trigger shy once I am ambushed! Strangely I had no problems shooting and rolling around in this game!  I mean did you see the youtube where one of the guys said "she is doing better then me", I was killing it on this game!  The rolling at first took some getting used to I am not going to lie to you all! Luckily the game has a rolling boot camp…I didn’t do it b/c well I am just that good and a geek…so if you are having problems figuring it out…do the boot camp…don’t be a punk!

Nina get to what features you liked about the game already…I know…I know…SORRY! First off I think this little character "Eidolon" for us ladies is HOT and I love her powers!  She can go invisible with her "Ghost" ability or temporarily blind her enemies with her powerful "whiteout".  Man I wish I had those powers; not sure the male population would have a chance though sooooo maybe not! Especially since my favorite weapon is the beamer, which seemed to be very effective in my demo!

Madballs girlThen you get to create your own little avatar profile and instead of the Madballs faces its avatar profile pix of your friends.  Here is the demo of what playing with your avatar would look like...

I couldn’t help laughing about that! Imagine playing with your friends and having the chance to shoot each other! I could see this possibly getting messy if there is some Freudian anger between pals …maybe…but it was sure funny!

I also had the opportunity of making a map even though there are 21 maps to the game so you don’t need to but you have the option(hello women love options, I pack like Costanza). Building it was super duper fun! I could see myself spending more time building maps…it’s fun to build it and then play on your map…it’s like your new little creation that no one else made! NICE!

What I want to express to our audience is that this game though at first glance may be overwhelming for a girl like me who cannot shoot; but it was not hard to grasp in the least bit! Ladies I suck at this stuff; I have tried others back in the day like Battlefield or at E3 I couldn’t even shoot the dang chickens at the city interactive booth. Chickens people, not like that they are a small target!

I think I want this game…and now gasp…I need a dang XBox! Though you can play it online...still want an XBox though...