When fashion meets technology! JBL/ Roxy Earbuds & Earbuds Headphones

earbudsI was so excited when I got my first new product after E3 and it was these SUPER cute ear buds and in ear headphones from Roxy/ JBL. First off I love bright colors, I am not sure if it is because I am in California or that I am blind and frankly colors stick out more... Radiris and I  make amazing partners in crime; we both have different technology preferences! CUTEGEEKS UNITE (imagine Radiris and I running to each other in slow motion [because everything is better in slow motion]and high fiving like big geeks)! As most of the population knows not 1 woman is the same...Radiris loves the On Ear Headphones and I love the in ear headphones/ ear buds. headphonesI realize we have said in the past not everything needs to be pink b/c not all women love pink; Radiris loves the color black and looks smashing in it.. I love pink and admittedly my shuffle is....gasp...PINK! When I got the pink and orange ear buds from Roxy/ JBL  in the mail I was S-O-O-O-O pumped! I did a one foot happy dance (still sporting the boot cast). They matched my lil' shuffle perfectly and the sound was AMAZING!! A true geek at heart; I do get excited when I get products that look fabulous and impress me technology wise...literally the sound quality was A-A-A-M-M-M-A-A-A-Z-Z-I-N-G-G (sing with me world)!!! I love to jam out to rap/ hip hop and I always have to turn the volume on my other ear buds all the way up but not with these little Reference 230 miracle buds…And I love that they are smaller than the apple shuffle earbuds…who wants their ears all stretched out…not me…



So you want the specs right? Any geek would...

Power: 2 x 20mW

Frequency Response: 20 Hz- 20kHz (-10dB)

Dimensions: Diameter- 15mm/ Wire length 1250 mm

Weight: .38oz (11grams)

The in ear headphones reference 250 are cool too. Basically you can receive calls while listening to your MP3s and not interrupt your music list... pops you inbetween your phone and MP3 player. These little buds are a perfect size and smaller then the ear buds. It took me some time to get use to them but once I did I was impressed with the sound quality.  So again Nina give me the specs (shut up already right?!)...well here you go! 



Power: 2 x 5mW

Frequency Response: 20 Hz- 20kHz (-10dB)

Dimensions: Diameter- 13.5mm/ Wire length 1182 mm

Weight: .42oz (12grams)

Chloe earbudsAnd Chloe also had to try them on, the girl just loves new toys...I played no music though of course (do not try this at home kids).  She is just so curious about technology too!  Again no music was played while she tried them on!!

JBL roxy

I know allot of people want to hear me rant (for those who know me…my rants tend to be funny) so I had to sit here and think (think Nina think think think think)...what would be a standard complaint? I love these things way too much and I believe ear buds truly are my generation’s technology fashion accessory.  After a couple glasses of “grape juice” I found minor and I mean minor items that bugged me…

Rant #1 the noise cancelation on the in ear headset is so strong I cannot hear over my voice when I speak. I used it on Skype and literally had to take one bud out...I hate my inside voice (you know the one only you hear and thank goodness for that). I think I am one of those weird people that does want to hear my surrounding...This really isn’t a complaint considering everyone else in the world would love it!

Rant #2, the pouches for these though super cute it doesn't stop me from throwing my ear buds in my purse. This starts the downward spiral on the demise of my day, having to untangle little bitty wires. I have actually not used my shuffle if my wires are tangled. I have yet to find the miracle solution for having your buds not tangling; I have broken all the retractable ones. One would assume I would just put them away but NOOO...I don't...if I was rich I would hire a professional de-tangler if there is such a thing! Again I think this is a Nina problem...I am one hot mess I tell you!

Lastly, I think I need the other color Roxy/ JBL  b/c I am running out of pink items to match with my ear buds and I hate doing laundry or worse…dare I say I hate repeating an outfit…Opps, I'm always thinking of fashion first even if I am a technology geek!

I love these ear buds though and honestly I am the happiest little girl right now rockin my JBL/ Roxy  pink ear buds...even if I am not matching on the streets of San Francisco!  Don't judge; if you heard the sound you would be rockin' pink ear buds too!