Getting computer coodies (beware!)

I recently had deja-vu while using my laptop and it was scary! Now make believe I sound like a really old grandfather…”back in my music downloading time I used to use KaZaa…”


KaZaa was the code name for KazAIDS for computers…it was the application that infected more computers than I can count in my life. Man – it sucked so much. I used to search for all the latest songs and end up downloading junk…resulting in the reimaging of a couple of my machines… Fast forward a couple of years, where no illegal music downloading occurs and I still get hijacked by some computer coodies.

Late one Thurday evening, having just arrived from Dallas, I turn my computer on and try getting on my wireless network…

My wireless network has been set up for months, and its automatic so I never have to click ‘yes’ this, ‘permit’ that, but this time, some Symantec pop up prompted me to make a decision. As a fickle female, I did just admit that, I don’t always like decisions and often time make them quick…like on a whim, without thinking…

So there’s a pop up on my screen and the last thing I want to do is read it, because I automatically assume its my wireless network, and I click ‘permit’ or ‘accept’ or probably ‘take over my machine and ruin my weekend’. Yes – I think that was the option that I clicked on.

I didn’t think anything of it because when I travel and find new networks, I get those prompts…well, after I clicked ‘Yes, please ruin my Friday afternoon’, my computer started acting crazy. If computer could throw up, that’s what it would’ve been doing. It was really slow, I could sign into my work email program, but could not access MOST of the internet.

The only sites it would let me visit were my banking sites and sites that required passwords, that what caused the flag in my brain to start waving furiously…it was bright red and I swear I think I may have heard sirens.

Was I under attack? What the heck was going on? It was 3 am and I couldn’t think so I opened up Symantec and let it run a full system scan…

Those scans take forever, but I urge you to do them often. I woke up to find ‘THREAT FOUND!” so now my eyes are tearing because I feel like my one and only child is sick. I start clicking like a mad women and it said “TROJAN HORSE FOUND”…

trojan-horse (Image courtesy of Security Software Zone)

Noooooooooooooooooo….not you…why me???????? Why on a Friday?...Wait, a Trojan Horse?...I’ve heard of you, you little sneaky bastard, I thought you stopped doing your dirt…

My mind shot a thousand thoughts and the one thing I couldn’t figure out was ‘what does it do?’…I started freaking out, calling my credit card companies, ordering new cards, calling whatever techies I knew that were smarter than me, and then finally I called my companies help desk.

I am going to make a very long, entertaining story short. I spent my Friday afternoon at a Help Desk, attempting to get my computer fixed, after making some meager attempts at getting rid of the stupid virus. My computer was un-functionable (if I had a poet’s license, that would be a word that I create) for the whole weekend, and again, sometimes you have to see the greater good in things. Although I cut my wonderful IT superhero’s weekend a bit shorter, I couldn’t access my computer for the whole holiday weekend (memorial day) and it turned out being alright.

I managed to get my computer back to its brand spanking new performance, and I was introduced to a better tool that catches bugs and viruses. It’s free and it’s called Clamwin…similar to your credit score, you should always check your systems status because you could have some nasty things going on and the last thing you want is to lose all your stuff due to computer coodies.


Oh, and I had backed up my computer on my portable hard drive a week earlier – can anyone say LIFE SAVER!